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Spring Boot 2.1.0 M2 Release Notes

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Spring Boot 2.1.0 M2 Release Notes

For changes in earlier milestones, please refer to:

Upgrading from Spring Boot 2.1.0 M1

See instructions in the 2.1.0.M1 release notes for upgrading from Spring Boot 2.0.

Narayana Support

The Narayana support has been removed in favour of the official support that is more aligned with Narayana releases. If you were using spring-boot-starter-jta-narayana, the new coordinates are the following:

Check the documentation for more details.


HttpPutFormContentFilter has been deprecated in favour of FormContentFilter. As a result the spring.mvc.formcontent.putfilter.enabled property is no longer defined. If you were using this feature, please update to spring.mvc.formcontent.filter.enabled.

ActiveMQ pooling

If you were using activemq-pool, support has been removed in this release in favour of pooled-jms that offers the same features while being JMS 2.0 compliant. You can update your build as follows:


New and Noteworthy

Check the configuration changelog for a complete overview of the changes in configuration.

Initial Java 11 support

CI has been configured to also build and test Spring Boot against an early access of Java 11.

DataSize support

If a property needs to express a size in bytes or similar convenient unit, it can expose a org.springframework.util.unit.DataSize property. Similar to our Duration support introduced in Spring Boot 2.0, the data size supports an easy format (i.e. 10MB for 10 megabytes) and metadata support. Multipart configuration has been updated and other properties will follow in a future milestone.

OAuth2 resource server support

If you have spring-security-oauth2-resource-server on your classpath, Spring Boot can set up an OAuth2 Resource Server as long as a JWK Set URI is specified. For instance:

This is supported for both MVC and WebFlux applications.

Bootstrap mode for JPA setup

Spring Data Lovelace introduces a 'bootstrap mode' for the repositories. Spring Boot exposes a property that can be set to control the boostrap mode of JPA repositories. For instance, to defer initialization of JPA repositories, simply add the following to your configuration:

When setting the mode to deferred or lazy, JPA setup happens in a separate thread.

Task Execution

Spring Boot now provides auto-configuration for ThreadPoolTaskExecutor. If you are using @EnableAsync, your custom TaskExecutor can be removed in favour of customizations available from the spring.task.execution namespace. Custom ThreadPoolTaskExecutor can be easily created using TaskExecutorBuilder.

Task Scheduling

Similarily to the new task execution support, Spring Boot auto-configures a ThreadPoolTaskScheduler when @EnableScheduling is specified. The task scheduler can be customized using the spring.task.scheduling namespace. A TaskSchedulerBuilder is also available by default.

Application Insights

Spring Framework 5.1 revisited the debug logging output while working on web applications (Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux). Spring Boot has revisited dedicated logging in the same spirit, introducing a spring.insights.web.log-request-details that is set to false by default as it can potentially expose sensitive information.

When Devtools is running, selected packages are now in debug level to improve the developer experience.


Apart from the changes listed above, there have also been lots of minor tweaks and improvements including:

  • Slice tests now all have a properties attribute to consistently customize the environment if necessary

  • Support for multiple RestDocsMockMvcConfigurationCustomizer

  • The receive queue of the default RabbitTemplate is now configurable

  • Tomcat’s max swallow size is now confiurable using a property

  • Support for generating unique JMX ObjectNames globally (rather thant limiting this feature to Actuator Endpoints)

  • HiddenHttpMethodFilter can be disabled using a property

Deprecations in Spring Boot 2.1.0 M2

  • management.endpoints.jmx.unique-names is deprecated in favour of spring.jmx.unique-names

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