Spring Boot 2.1.0 M4 Release Notes

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Spring Boot 2.1.0 M4 Release Notes

For changes in earlier milestones, please refer to:

Upgrading from Spring Boot 2.1.0 M3

See instructions in the 2.1.0.M3 release notes for upgrading from v2.1.0.M2 and earlier.

Logging HTTP request details

The spring.http.log-request-details configuration property introduced in M3 has been removed in favour of the new logging groups support. If you defined the older property, you should use logging.level.web=DEBUG instead.

New and Noteworthy

Check the configuration changelog for a complete overview of the changes in configuration.

Support for Spring Data JDBC

Spring Data includes repository support for JDBC and will automatically generate SQL for the methods on CrudRepository. Spring Boot will auto-configure Spring Data’s JDBC repositories when the necessary dependencies are on the classpath. They can be added to your project with a single dependency on spring-boot-starter-data-jdbc. For complete details of Spring Data JDBC, please refer to the reference documentation.

Auto-configuration support for new Micrometer metrics

The following metrics are now available as core metrics when applicable:

  • Kafka consumer metrics

  • Log4j2 metrics


Apart from the changes listed above, there have also been lots of minor tweaks and improvements including:

  • @SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT) can now generate a separate random port for the management server.

Deprecations in Spring Boot 2.1.0 M4

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