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Custom implementation of…) not called if generics not declared exactly [DATACMNS-1008] #1458

spring-projects-issues opened this issue Mar 13, 2017 · 2 comments
in: repository type: bug


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@spring-projects-issues spring-projects-issues commented Mar 13, 2017

Ryon Day opened DATACMNS-1008 and commented

This issue is in conjunction with this spring-data-dynamodb issue.

I've spent a few hours on this bug and have tracked down the root cause as well as a workaround, but there appears to be no solution.

Library Versions

  • spring-data-dynamoDB version: 4.5.0
  • Spring-data-commons version: 1.13.1-RELEASE


I have a base repository interface:

interface FooRepository extends CrudRepository<Foo, Long>, FooRepositoryCustom{}

...and a custom repository interface:

interface UserRepositoryCustom {
    Foo doNonstandardThing(Foo foo);

... and a custom repository implementation:

class UserRepositoryImpl implements UserRepositoryCustom {
    public Foo save(Foo foo) { … }
    public Foo doNonstandardThing(Foo foo) { … }

... If I use this custom repository:

public class FooService {

    private final FooRepository fooRepo;
    public FooService(FooRepository fooRepo) {
        this.fooRepo = fooRepo;

    public Bar processFoo(Foo foo) {;

With spring-data-dynamodb:4.2.3 using spring-data-commons:1.11.4-RELEASE, the…) call in FooService would call the save(…) method on FooRepositoryCustom. with spring-data-dynamodb:4.5.0 and spring-data-commons:1.13.1-RELEASE, it actually calls…), which is the base implementation used by the Spring scoped proxy.

After some quality time in side-by-side debuggers with my code running on the new and old versions of the library, I've tracked the offending code change down to this commit as well as a few other changes within DefaultRepositoryInformation and specifically, the parametersMatch(…) method. The logic over whether a custom repository method "matches" seems to have changed in a very odd and restrictive way.

What I can't figure out is why exactly Spring cannot tell that a method with the exact needed signature in my custom repository is not suitable to call vs. the proxy method in the spring-data-dynamodb library.


Changing the Custom Repository interface like so:

interface FooRepository extends CrudRepository<Foo, Long>, FooRepositoryCustom{

    <X extends Foo> X save(X foo);

causes the correct method to be invoked, but this should not be necessary; it is also tedious to do for every repository that happens to have a custom implementation of a "standard" CrudRepository method.

Desired State

Methods in custom repositories should be respected by return and parameter value

Affects: 1.13.1 (Ingalls SR1), 1.12.8 (Hopper SR8)

Issue Links:

  • DATACMNS-1225 Custom implementation of not called if generics not declared exactly (reopener)

  • DATACMNS-854 Custom implementation of repository fails when overriding methods containing generics

  • DATACMNS-912 Unable to write custom implementation of CRUD method with generic parameters

Backported to: 1.13.2 (Ingalls SR2), 1.12.9 (Hopper SR9)

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@spring-projects-issues spring-projects-issues commented Mar 14, 2017

Oliver Drotbohm commented

Thanks for the detailed analysis, Ryon. In fact, the refactoring seems to have lost the consideration of exact matches on the declared method. I have a local fix ready with that additional if clause introduced again.

In the mean time, it should be sufficient to introduce the method on the implementation class with the exact generic signature (<T extends Foo> T save(T entity)), i.e. you don't need to pull it up into the interface necessarily

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@spring-projects-issues spring-projects-issues commented Mar 14, 2017

Oliver Drotbohm commented

This is in place, feel free to give the snapshots a try

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