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Infrastructure requirements

  • Credentials for buildmaster accounts on
  • Credentials for (to deploy and promote GA and service releases, need deployment permissions for in settings.xml for server with id sonatype.

Prepare local configuration and credentials

Add an to the project root and add the following properties:

  • git.username - Your GitHub username.
  • git.password - Your GitHub password or API key.
  • - Your full name (used for preparing commits).
  • - Your email (used for preparing commits).
  • maven.mavenHome - Pointing to the location of your Maven installation.
  • deployment.api-key - The API key to use for artifact promotion.
  • deployment.password - The password of the deployment user (buildmaster).

See application-local.template for details.

Build and execute the release shell

Run mvn package appassembler:assemble && sh target/appassembler/bin/spring-data-release-shell

The release process

Pre-release checks

Make sure that:

  • All work on CVEs potentially contained in the release is done (incl. backports etc.)
  • Upgrade dependencies in Spring Data Build parent pom (mind minor/major version rules)
  • All release tickets are present ($ tracker releasetickets $trainIteration)
  • Review open tickets for release
  • Self-assign release tickets ($ tracker prepare $trainIteration)
  • Announce release preparations to mailing list

Release the binaries

$ release prepare $trainIteration
$ release build $trainIteration
$ release conclude $trainIteration
$ git push $trainIteration
$ git push $trainIteration --tags
$ git backport changelog $trainIteration --target $targets
$ foreach $target -> git push $target

Distribute documentation and static resources from tags

$ release distribute $trainIteration

Post-release tasks

  • Close JIRA tickets and GitHub release tickets.
  • Create release tickets for the next train iteration, archive old release versions. Close Jira versions/GitHub milestones.
$ tracker close $trainIteration
$ tracker create releaseversions $
$ tracker create releasetickets $
$ tracker archive $trainIteration.previous
  • Update versions in Sagan with $ sagan update $releasetrains.
  • Announce release (Blog, Twitter) and notify downstream dependency projects as needed. Dev-tools can assist you with $ announcement $trainIteration. Make sure to remove the changelog link to Envers as this module has no changelog.
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