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Cannot build mongodb-music example #2

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Hi there, the project depends on version 1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT of spring-data-mongodb, but that cannot be found in the maven repo. I've tried changing to 1.0.0.M1 (as per other examples) but seems to be missing some new added functionality so the project does not compile (the document package seems to be a new one). Seems to compile using the command line but cannot get it to compile on Eclipse and all the tests seem to fail.
Is there any documentation for the examples I could get my hands on? :)


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I was able to run mvn clean test from the checked out code and it downloaded the required .jars from theh repository and ran the tests ok, so if your build also worked from the command line with mvn I presume it downloaded the .jars.

You can see that the mvn snapshot jars are available -

I imported the project as an 'existing mvn project' inside eclipse and got an error relating to the use of QueryDSL, namely that 'QAlbum' could not be resolved to a type. For some reason 'mongodb-music\target\generated-sources\queries' was not picked up as a src folder on the build path via m2eclipse, but once added that explicitly the tests ran fine inside eclipse. I'm using mvn 2.2.1

The isn't any documentation for these examples as of yet, but feel free to ping us with questions. The reference documentation is available in case you didn't see that but doesn't yet cover functionality added in M2. However, the examples don't use any of the newer code yet aside from QueryDSL integration.


Hi Mark,

thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately I keep getting the missing dependency, today both from console and eclipse (the source file you mention for QueryDSL integration works fine for me).

Are you working from a clean clone? or is it possible that the dependency was previously installed in your local m2 repo?

I tried to install the dependency locally by building the project sources but I'm getting a different missed dependency there: -Dversion=3.1.0.RELEASE

I don't know much about maven but will keep on trying!


Hi Mark, me again. Found the problem: the snapshot repo was not in the pom.
Also changed the project name from 'hello' to 'music'.
Opening a second pull request with the changes.


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