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Envers extension of the Spring Data JPA module
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Spring Data Envers

This project is an extension of the Spring Data JPA project to allow access to entity revisions managed by Hibernate Envers. The sources mostly originate from a contribution of Philipp Hügelmeyer @hygl.

The core feature of the module consists of an implementation of the RevisionRepository of Spring Data Commons.

public interface RevisionRepository<T, ID extends Serializable, N extends Number & Comparable<N>> {

    Revision<N, T> findLastChangeRevision(ID id);

    Revisions<N, T> findRevisions(ID id);

    Page<Revision<N, T>> findRevisions(ID id, Pageable pageable);

You can pull in this functionality to your repositories by simply additionally extending the interface just mentioned:

interface PersonRepository extend RevisionRepository<Person, Long, Integer>, CrudRepository<Person, Long> {

  // Your query methods go here

To successfully activate the Spring Data Envers repository factory use the Spring Data JPA repositories namespace element's factory-class attribute:

<jpa:repositories base-package="com.acme.repositories"
                  factory-class="….EnversRevisionRepositoryFactoryBean" />

Contributing to the project

If you're an Eclipse user make sure you activate automatic application of the formatter (located at etc/eclipse-formatter.xml) and activate automatic formatting and organizing imports on save.

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