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Spring Data Redis - Cluster Examples

This project contains Redis 3 Cluster specific features of Spring Data Redis.

To run the code in this sample a running cluster environment is required. Please refer to the redis cluster-tutorial for detailed information or check the Cluster Setup section below.

Support for Cluster

Cluster Support uses the same building blocks as the non clustered counterpart. We use application.properties to point to an initial set of known cluster nodes which will be picked up by the auto configuration.


INFORMATION: The tests flush the db of all known instances during the JUnit setup phase to allow inspecting data directly on the cluster nodes after a test is run.

Cluster Setup

To quickly set up a cluster of 6 nodes (3 master | 3 slave) go to the redis/utils/create-cluster directory.

redis/utils/create-cluster $ ./create-cluster start
  Starting 30001
  Starting 30002
  Starting 30003
  Starting 30004
  Starting 30005
  Starting 30006

On first initialization cluster nodes need to form the cluster by joining and assigning slot allocations. INFO: This has to be done only once.

redis/utils/create-cluster $ ./create-cluster create
  >>> Creating cluster
  >>> Performing hash slots allocation on 6 nodes...
  Using 3 masters:
  Adding replica to
  Adding replica to
  Adding replica to

  M: 10696916f57e58c5edce34127b23ca7af1b669a0
     slots:0-5460 (5461 slots) master
  M: 5b0e1b4cc87175326ba79d00ecfc6f5dbdb424a7
     slots:5461-10922 (5462 slots) master
  M: 5f3e978fb40b1d9c910d904ea19a0494b78668aa
     slots:10923-16383 (5461 slots) master
  S: d1717c418d03db93183ce2d791ba6f48be5cf028
     replicates 10696916f57e58c5edce34127b23ca7af1b669a0
  S: c7dfcdb9cd1105e4251de51c4ade54de59bb063c
     replicates 5b0e1b4cc87175326ba79d00ecfc6f5dbdb424a7
  S: 3219785a9145717f30648a27a2dd07359e9dd46f
     replicates 5f3e978fb40b1d9c910d904ea19a0494b78668aa

  Can I set the above configuration? (type 'yes' to accept): yes

  [OK] All nodes agree about slots configuration.
       >>> Check for open slots...
       >>> Check slots coverage...
  [OK] All 16384 slots covered.

It is now possible to connect to the cluster using the redis-cli.

redis/src $ ./redis-cli -c -p 30001> cluster nodes

  106969... myself,master - 0 0 1 connected 0-5460
  5b0e1b... master - 0 1450765112345 2 connected 5461-10922
  5f3e97... master - 0 1450765112345 3 connected 10923-16383
  d1717c... slave 106969... 0 1450765112345 4 connected
  c7dfcd... slave 5b0e1b... 0 1450765113050 5 connected
  321978... slave 5f3e97... 0 1450765113050 6 connected

To shutdown the cluster use the create-cluster stop command.

redis/utils/create-cluster $ ./create-cluster stop