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Spring Data REST - Starbucks example

This sample app exposes 10843 Starbucks coffee shops via a RESTful API that allows to access the stores in a hypermedia based way and exposes a resource to execute geo-location search for coffee shops.


  1. Install MongoDB (, unzip, run mkdir data, run bin/mongod --dbpath=data)
  2. Build and run the app (mvn spring-boot:run)
  3. Access the root resource (curl http://localhost:8080/api) and traverse hyperlinks.
  4. Or access the location search directly (e.g. http://localhost:8080/api/stores/search/findByAddressLocationNear?location=40.740337,-73.995146&distance=0.5miles)

Web UI

The application provides a custom web UI using the exposed REST API to display the search result on a Google Map. Point you browser to http://localhost:8080. The UI is rendered using Thymeleaf, driven by the StoresController. A tiny JavaScript progressively enhances the view by picking up and enhancing a URI template rendered into the view (<div id="map" data-uri="…" />).

Starbucks Web UI

The API itself can be discovered using the HAL browser pulled in through the corresponding Spring Data REST module (spring-data-rest-hal-browser). It's exposed at the API root at http://localhost:8080/api.

Technologies used

  • Spring Data REST & Spring Data MongoDB
  • MongoDB
  • Spring Batch (to read the CSV file containing the store data and pipe it into MongoDB)
  • Spring Boot