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Changes in version 1.2.1.RELEASE (2012-10-26)
* Upgraded to GemFire 7.0
* Added support for GemFire 7.0 WAN Configuration
Changes in version 1.2.0.RELEASE (2012-08-15)
* Added support for Spring Data repositories
* The Spring Data GemFire project, formerly Spring GemFire, is now a component of the Spring Data project
* Upgraded to Spring 3.1.2.RELEASE
* Upgraded to Spring Data Commons 1.4.0.RELEASE
* The XML namespace provides support for everything that can be configured natively with Cache XML
* A separate XML namespace has been created for Spring Data Repository support
* [SGF-53] - Add "enable-gateway" to replicated and partitioned region namespace config
* [SGF-75] - Ability to define gateways in the Spring GemFire namespace
* [SGF-76] - Disk store should be its own bean
* [SGF-79] - Missing gateway attributes for regions
* [SGF-86] - Make instance variables protected in CacheFactoryBean
* [SGF-95] - Add namespace support for subregions
* [SGF-98] - Provide namespace support for all cache and region properties
* [SGF-102] - Add support for JavaConfig for repositories
* [SGF-103] - Replace xsd:id type with xsd:string to support Spring environment profiles
* [SGF-104] - The repository deleteAll() method only works for replicated regions
* [SGF-109] - Separate repository support into its own namespace
* [SGF-111] - Change default bean names from hyphenated to camel case to support @Autowired
* [SGF-112] - Repositories should reject PagingAndSorting and Pageable parameters
* [SGF-113] - Repositories should support single entities returned from a query method
* [SGF-115] - Add support for 'Like', 'StartsWith','EndsWith', and 'Containing' repository queries
Bug Fixes
* [SGF-85] - Pdx disk store does not work when trying to references a disk store created in cache.xml
* [SGF-89] - Continuous query container fails when implementing the ContinuousQueryListener interface
* [SGF-101] - The repository deleteAll() method only works for replicated regions
Changes in version 1.1.2.RELEASE (2012-07-04)
* Upgraded to GemFire 6.6.3
* Fixed incorrect parsing of pdx-disk-store attribute
Changes in version 1.1.1.RELEASE (2012-03-20)
* Upgraded to GemFire 6.6.2
* Upgraded to Spring Framework 3.1.1 GA
* Fixed incorrect parsing of pdx-serializer (from value to reference)
* Fixed incorrect parsing of use-bean-factory-locator
* Fixed GemfireTransactionCommitException class hierarchy
* Improved handling of GemFire 6.5+ transaction exceptions
* Fixed bug that caused client namespace to create only local regions
Changes in version 1.1.0.RELEASE (2011-12-14)
* Upgraded to Spring Framework 3.1 GA
Changes in version 1.1.0.RC1 (2011-11-13)
* Upgraded to GemFire 6.6.1
* Aligned Maven naming to Spring Data conventions (changed ids to ''/'spring-data-gemfire')
* Introduced PDX options for 'cache' and 'client-cache' elements
Changes in version 1.1.0.M3 (2011-09-25)
* Upgraded to GemFire 6.6 GA
* Introduced support for GemFire Indecies
* Reintroduced samples in zip distribution
* Improved region creation by removing the use of GemFire 6.0 API (replaced with 6.5+)
* Added missing properties to PoolFactoryBean and pool namespace
* Fixed registration of custom listeners specified through region attributes
* Added missing 'receive-values' property to region interests
Changes in version 1.1.0.M2 (2011-08-29)
* Introduced support for GemFire Continuous Query (CQ)
* Introduced support for client cache
* Introduced namespace support for region expiration attributes
* Added find methods (based on the query service) inside GemFireTemplate
* Improved detection of local client regions without pools configured
* Fixed bug occuring when applying defaults for disk stores
* Delayed CacheServer start up to allow declared regions to properly initialize
Changes in version 1.1.0.M1 (2011-07-20)
* Changed build system to Gradle
* Added support for GemFire 6.6
* Dropped support for GemFire 6.0 (GemFire 6.5 or higher required)
* Introduced support for CacheServer
* Introduced GemFire implementation for Spring 3.1 cache abstraction
* Upgraded to Spring Framework 3.1 M2
* Introduced cache option for disabling bean factory locator; useful for multi cache definitions, in the same VM
* Added more region methods to GemfireTemplate
* Introduced support for queries with variable parameters in GemfireTemplate
* Improved handling of optimistic exception in a transaction scenario
Changes in version 1.0.1 (2011-04-26)
* Upgraded to GemFire
* Fix networking issue with the sample on some Linux distributions (Ubuntu)
* Loosen type constraints in the schema to allow placeholders
* Added 'statistics' attribute to all write regions
* Introduced auto-close (configurable) on RegionFactoryBean
* Fixed bug causing region names to be used as aliases for region beans
* Improved dependency initialization between cache and pools
* Improved cache-wide registration of custom instantiators
* Introduced GemfireDaoSupport
Changes in version 1.0.0 (2011-02-02)
Changes in version 1.0.0.RC1 (2010-12-20)
* Upgraded to GemFire 6.5.1
* Upgraded to Spring 3.0.5
Changes in version 1.0.0.M2 (2010-12-08)
* Introduced namespace for all the major SGF components
* Improved documentation to accomodate the SGF namespace
* Introduced RegionLookupFactoryBean for retrieving (but not creating) regions
* Refactored client-specific classes into a dedicated package
* Introduced support for configuring GemFire Pools
Changes in version 1.0.0.M1 (2010-08-03)
* Configuration support for GemFire Cache, Region
* Exception translation
* GemFire Template for exception translation
* Declarative transaction management
* Auto-generation of non-reflection based GemFire instantiators
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