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Spring Cache Abstraction annotations do not trigger CQ [DATAGEODE-50] #70

spring-projects-issues opened this issue Oct 17, 2017 · 1 comment
in: cq Continuous Queries type: bug A general bug


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John Blum opened DATAGEODE-50 and commented

When implementing a CQ, it does not trigger when a method is annotated with @Cachable or @CachePut. However, a CQ is triggered when a method is annotated with @CacheEvict. This should be consistent and a @Cachable or @CachePut annotated service method should trigger a CQ.

Sample code can be found here:


  • Created a Region called "PizzaOrder"
  • Created a CQ Query: "SELECT * FROM /PizzaOrder"
  • The CQ Listener/handler just performs a System.out.println(..) to indicate to me that it has been triggered.
  • I use the following in my service:
    @Cacheable(value = "PizzaOrder")
    public PizzaOrder getPizzaOrder(long pizzaOrderId){
        return this.pizzaOrderRepository.findById(pizzaOrderId).orElse(null);

    @CachePut(value = "PizzaOrder")
    public PizzaOrder createOrder (long customerId, long pizzaId){
        Customer customer = this.customerRepository.findById(customerId).orElse(null);
        Pizza pizza = this.pizzaRepository.findById(pizzaId).get();
        PizzaOrder order = new PizzaOrder(customer, pizza);

    @CacheEvict(value = "PizzaOrder")
    public PizzaOrder completePizzaOrder(long pizzaOrderId){
        PizzaOrder pizzaOrder = this.pizzaOrderGemfireRepository.findById(pizzaOrderId).orElseGet(()->this.getPizzaOrder(pizzaOrderId));

When the method completePizzaOrder is invoked I can see that the CQ is triggered but the other annotations do not trigger the CQ.

If I perform a put through GFSH I can see the CQ trigger.

Affects: 2.0 GA (Kay)

Referenced from: commits a46f1cc, d98c4af

Backported to: 2.0.1 (Kay SR1)

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John Blum commented

I think in this case, triggering of the CQ(s) from Spring Cache annotated service methods may have been all or nothing. Meaning, if a @CacheEvict annotated service method caused a CQ to be triggered, then it is likely the @Cacheable and @CachePut annotations would also cause the same CQ to be triggered.

However, there did exist 2 bugs in the code that would potentially cause a CQ to not be registered properly.

  1. The first bug involved identifying and registering CQs before the initialization of the underlying ContinuousQueryListenerContainer relative to the beans that contain @ContinuousQuery annotated callback methods (CQs). This code path leads to adding a listener to the container for the CQ callback, which creates the CQ and stores a reference for execution later, which is after the container has been initialized. However, the container will go onto clear/close all existing CQs during initialization, prior to execution. This results in having no CQs to execute.

  2. The second bug identified involves declaring a CQ (using the @ContinuousQuery annotation) on the same bean that may also be proxied by Spring for other purposes (e.g. Caching, Security or even Transaction Management). Here is 1 example where a CQ is declared on a bean that will also be proxied for caching purposes (given the presence of the Spring Caching Annotations, e.g. @Cacheable). In this case, the CQ cannot be identified since what is passed to the Spring BeanPostProcessor used to inspect and identify CQs is a "PROXY" object and not the actual bean instance declared and registered with the container. As such, the CQ never gets registered and therefore will never be triggered

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in: cq Continuous Queries type: bug A general bug
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