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Examples using Spring Data JPA features

Spring Data JPA Examples

This repository contains a variety of sample projects showing Spring Data JPA functionality.

  • spring-data-jpa-example - probably the project you want to have a look at first. Contains a variety of sample packages, showcasing the different levels at which you can use Spring Data JPA. Have a look at the simple package for the most basic setup.
  • java8-auditing - example of how to use Spring Data JPA auditing with Java 8 date time types.
  • spring-data-jpa-showcase - refactoring show case of how to improve a plain-JPA-based persistence layer by using Spring Data JPA (read: removing close to all of the implementation code). Follow the demo.txt file for detailed instructions.
  • spring-data-jpa-interceptors - Example of how to enrich the repositories with AOP.
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