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While integrating Spring Data Neo4j Library with my Application which uses Neo4j as a graph database, I found that my PublicRepository interface which extends Graph Interface is giving me error saying "The hierarchy of the type PublicRepository is inconsistent".

While digging the cause of this error I found that, the "GraphRepository" extends interface "'CRUDRepository", "IndexRepository" and "TraversalRepository". Out of them "CRUDRepository" extends "PagingAndSortingRepository" which should be present in package "". But it does not.

I tried to look out for this Interface in github repository but this interface is absent in github repository as well. This is causing a serious issue and not allowing me to extend GraphRepository. Is "PagingAndSortingRepository" absent because it won't be used in future? If yes then isn't that the "CRUDRepository" Shouldn't extend "PagingAndSortingRepository"?


Thanks for this information. That library was missing.

FYI: On, the links for downloading jar files in library section simply redirects to the "" and Other links of "Community", "Advanced" and "Enterprise" give Access Denied Error message.

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Thanks for the feedback, we're currently reworking the site, you should get the download from springsource or maven.

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