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Spring Data Neo4j Todos

A simple todo list using Spring Data Neo4j, configured for easy deployment to Heroku.

Get Ready

To prepare for deploying to Heroku, you must first become a Hero:

Feel ready? OK, then get a copy of this project and checkout the heroku-deploy branch:

git clone git://
cp -r spring-data-neo4j/spring-data-neo4j-examples/todos .
cd todos

Local build and run

  • Run a local Neo4j server (using default config)
export NEO4J_REST_URL=http://localhost:7474/db/data
export NEO4J_LOGIN=""
export NEO4J_PASSWORD=""
  • Build, then run locally
mvn package
sh target/bin/webapp
  • check that it is working (in another terminal, but same project directory)
./bin/todo mk "tweet high praises to @neo4j"
./bin/todo list

Satisfied? Then ctrl-c to kill the application.

Deploy on Heroku

Initialize a local git repository:

git init .
git add .
git commit -m "the start of my own todo application"

Create a new provisioning stack on Heroku for the app. Heroku will notice that you've got a git repository, adding itself as a remote.

heroku create --stack cedar`
heroku addons:add neo4j
git push heroku master

Check to make sure it is running with heroku ps, which should show a web.1 process with an "up" state.

Finally try it out using the -r flag to indicate remote access.

./bin/todo -r mk "tweet thanks for the good work @mesirii @akollegger"
./bin/todo -r list

To see the Neo4j graph you just created through Heroku, use heroku config to reveal the NEO4J_URL which can take you to Neo4j's Webadmin. Have fun!

For details about preparing your own Spring Data Neo4j application for deployment to Heroku, see the Heroku chapter in "Good Relationships: The Spring Data Neo4j Guide Book".

Don't forget to decommission the Heroku application when you're done with it. Use heroku destroy to free up the instance.

CLI Tool

A simplistic todo script in the bin directory can directly create, delete and list todos.

Usage: todo [-r] [ list | mk | rm ]

  todo -r              - access the remote (Heroku) todo application
  todo list            - list current todos
  todo mk "a new todo" - to create a todo
  todo rm 1            - to remove the todo with id 1
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