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project --topLevelPackage org.example.rootunes
persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database H2_IN_MEMORY
flex setup
entity --class ~.domain.Artist
field string --fieldName name --notNull
entity --class ~.domain.Album
field string --fieldName title --notNull
field number --fieldName numberOfTracks --type java.lang.Integer --notNull --min 1
field date --fieldName releaseDate --type java.util.Date --notNull
field reference --fieldName artist --type ~.domain.Artist
flex remoting all --package ~.service
entity --class ~.domain.Song
field string --fieldName title --notNull
field boolean --fieldName explicitLyrics
field number --fieldName runningLength --type java.lang.Float
flex remoting scaffold --name ~.service.SongService
field reference --fieldName album --type ~.domain.Album
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