Should be same error as in SPR-9181 #22

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barni commented Apr 27, 2012

Should be same error as in SPR-9181

cbeams commented May 1, 2012

Thanks. This repro project has been merged into master, but after a number of modifications:

  • squashed into a single atomic commit
  • converted tabs to spaces
  • updated your git author name, which was previously unknown

For any future contributions, please submit the pull request from a branch with the same name as the JIRA issue ID. This pull request was submitted from your fork's master branch, and that's not as clean to work with when merging things in. It also means that you will have issues when syncing back up to springsource/master, because there are now conflicting commits on your local master. You can solve this with git fetch springsource; git reset --hard springsource/master (assuming 'springsource' is the name of your remote for But in any case it's nice to avoid this kind of thing.

Thanks for the contribution! We'll get this worked out.

@cbeams cbeams closed this May 1, 2012
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