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Final preparations for 3.2.2

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-Changes in version 3.2.2 (2013-03-11)
+Changes in version 3.2.2 (2013-03-14)
* official support for Hibernate 4.2 (SPR-10255)
* fixed missing inter-dependencies in module POMs (SPR-10218)
* marked spring-web module as 'distributable' in order for session replication to work on Tomcat (SPR-10219)
* DefaultListableBeanFactory caches target type per bean definition and allows for specifying it in advance (SPR-10335)
+* DefaultListableBeanFactory clears by-type matching cache on runtime register/destroySingleton calls (SPR-10326)
* ConfigurationClassPostProcessor consistently uses ClassLoader, not loading core JDK annotations via ASM (SPR-10249)
* ConfigurationClassPostProcessor detects covariant return type mismatch, avoiding infinite recursion (SPR-10261)
* ConfigurationClassPostProcessor allows for overriding of scoped-proxy bean definitions (SPR-10265)
* "depends-on" attribute on lang namespace element actually respected at runtime now (SPR-8625)
-* allow for ordering of mixed AspectJ before/after advices (SPR-9438)
+* added locale-independent "commonMessages" property to AbstractMessageSource (SPR-10291)
* added "maximumAutoGrowSize" property to SpelParserConfiguration (SPR-10229)
+* allow for ordering of mixed AspectJ before/after advices (SPR-9438)
+* added "beforeExistingAdvisors" flag to AbstractAdvisingBeanPostProcessor (SPR-10309)
+* MethodValidation/PersistenceExceptionTranslationPostProcessor apply after existing advisors by default (SPR-10309)
* fixed regression in SpringValidatorAdapter's retrieval of invalid values (SPR-10243)
* support 'unless' expression for cache veto (SPR-8871)
* @Async's qualifier works for target class annotations behind a JDK proxy as well (SPR-10274)
@@ -37,10 +41,13 @@ Changes in version 3.2.2 (2013-03-11)
* added "entityResolver", "classDescriptorResolver", "doctypes" and further properties to CastorMarshaller (SPR-8470)
* deprecated CastorMarshaller's "object" property in favor of "rootObject" (SPR-8470)
* MediaType throws dedicated InvalidMediaTypeException instead of generic IllegalArgumentException (SPR-10226)
+* DispatcherServlet allows for customizing its RequestAttributes exposure in subclasses (SPR-10342)
* AbstractCachingViewResolver does not use global lock for accessing existing View instances anymore (SPR-3145)
* MappingJackson(2)JsonView allows subclasses to access the ObjectMapper and to override content writing (SPR-7619)
+* Tiles 3 TilesConfigurer preserves standard EL support for "completeAutoload" mode as well (SPR-10361)
* Log4jWebConfigurer supports resolving placeholders against ServletContext init-parameters as well (SPR-10284)
* consistent use of LinkedHashMaps and independent getAttributeNames Enumeration in Servlet/Portlet mocks (SPR-10224)
+* several MockMvcBuilder refinements (SPR-10277, SPR-10279, SPR-10280)
* introduced support for context hierarchies in the TestContext framework (SPR-5613)
* introduced support for WebApplicationContext hierarchies in the TestContext framework (SPR-9863)
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