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Fix "relay-port" XSD type in spring-websocket.xsd

Prior to this commit, the `relay-port` attribute of the
`<websocket:stomp-broker-relay />` tag was of type `xsd:int`.
This prevents developers from using `PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer`,
even though this configuration key is a good candidate for such use
(this value depends on prod/staging/etc environment).

This commit changes that type to `xsd:string`.

Issue: SPR-11537
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1 parent 658a44a commit 8b2b165777e9653db260628320d70c7f21160df1 @bclozel bclozel committed Mar 11, 2014
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@
- <xsd:attribute name="relay-port" type="xsd:int">
+ <xsd:attribute name="relay-port" type="xsd:string">
<xsd:documentation source="java:org.springframework.messaging.simp.stomp.StompBrokerRelayMessageHandler"><![CDATA[
The STOMP message broker port.

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