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Improve default content type selection

Previously ContentNegotiationManager continued with the next
ContentNegotiationStrategy only if the current one returned an empty
list. Now it also does that if the current ContentNegotiationStrategy
returns "*/*". Since the absence of an Accept header and "*/*" have
the same meaning, this allows a default content type to be used in
either case.

Issue: SPR-10513
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rstoyanchev committed May 10, 2013
1 parent 78fcd28 commit aaded7e30b06cc70a354856a2288acd04045b673
@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@
public class ContentNegotiationManager implements ContentNegotiationStrategy, MediaTypeFileExtensionResolver {

private static final List<MediaType> MEDIA_TYPE_ALL = Arrays.asList(MediaType.ALL);

private final List<ContentNegotiationStrategy> contentNegotiationStrategies =
new ArrayList<ContentNegotiationStrategy>();

@@ -119,9 +121,10 @@ public void addFileExtensionResolvers(MediaTypeFileExtensionResolver... resolver
public List<MediaType> resolveMediaTypes(NativeWebRequest webRequest) throws HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException {
for (ContentNegotiationStrategy strategy : this.contentNegotiationStrategies) {
List<MediaType> mediaTypes = strategy.resolveMediaTypes(webRequest);
if (!mediaTypes.isEmpty()) {
return mediaTypes;
if (mediaTypes.isEmpty() || mediaTypes.equals(MEDIA_TYPE_ALL)) {

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philwebb Jun 24, 2013



return mediaTypes;
return Collections.emptyList();
@@ -122,6 +122,12 @@ public void setDefaultContentType() throws Exception {
ContentNegotiationManager manager = this.factoryBean.getObject();

assertEquals(Arrays.asList(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON), manager.resolveMediaTypes(this.webRequest));

// SPR-10513

this.servletRequest.addHeader("Accept", MediaType.ALL_VALUE);

assertEquals(Arrays.asList(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON), manager.resolveMediaTypes(this.webRequest));


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