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Commits on Jul 29, 2014
  1. @jhoeller


    jhoeller committed
Commits on Jul 30, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Upgradle to gradle 1.6

    philwebb committed
Commits on Feb 25, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    MergePlugin uses project source not jar source

    philwebb committed
    Update gradle MergePlugin to use the 'project.sourceSets.main.output'
    for jar content rather than 'project.jar.source'. This prevents
    superfluous MANIFEST.MF files from appearing in the merged jar.
    Issue: SPR-10324
Commits on Jan 26, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Restore compile dependencies in generated POMs

    philwebb committed
    Ensure that merge projects do not downgrade the compile time
    dependencies of the projects that they are merged into.
    This commit restores the scope of the following dependencies which
    were inadvertently changed between Spring 3.2.0 and 3.2.1:
        -> spring-tx
        -> spring-jdbc
        -> spring-context
        -> spring-web
        -> spring-webmvc
    Issue: SPR-10218
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Polish DetectSplitPackagesPlugin

    philwebb committed
    Polish DetectSplitPackagesPlugin to favor double-quoted strings.
  2. @cbeams

    Refactor detect-split-packages Gradle plugin

    cbeams committed
     - Use conventional plugin naming, i.e. "detect-split-packages" instead
       of applying plugin based on fully-qualified class name
     - Rename "diagnose" => "detect" consistently throughout plugin, task
       and method names and generally refactor naming throughout to follow
       "detect split packages" phrasing
     - Add Javadoc to DetectSplitPackagesPlugin
     - Improve error reporting when split packages are detected
       Upon detecting one or more split packages, `detectSplitPackages` now
       fails idiomatically, throwing a GradleException to signal task failure
       (as opposed to the previous approach of using an assert assertion), and
       the output reads as follows:
           $ gradle detectSplitPackages
           :buildSrc:build UP-TO-DATE
           :detectSplitPackages FAILED
           FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
           * What went wrong:
           Execution failed for task ':detectSplitPackages'.
           > The following split package(s) have been detected:
              - org.springframework.beans (split across spring-beans and spring-orm)
              - org.springframework.core.env (split across spring-context and spring-core)
     - DetectSplitPackagesTask now automatically attaches itself to `check`
       task lifecycle if the enclosing project contains a `check` task
     - DetectSplitPackagesTask adds itself to the 'Verification' task group,
       ensuring that it shows up correctly in `gradle tasks` task listings
     - packagesToScan now defaults to all subprojects; users may then
       customize this by removing individual subprojects from the collection
    Issue: SPR-9990
  3. @cbeams

    Replace space indentation with tabs

    cbeams committed
    Issue: SPR-9990
Commits on Jan 7, 2013
  1. Rework split package detection code

    Glyn Normington committed
    Allow packages to be split across projects which will be merged into a
    single JAR file.
    Make split package detection a dependency of the 'check' task. This
    is idiomatic gradle as well as allowing the 'test' task (another
    dependency of 'check') to be executed without split packages being
    Omit the project spring-instructment-tomcat from the check on the basis
    of SPR-10150.
    Issues: SPR-9990, SPR-10150
  2. @rwinch

    Example SplitPackageDetectorPlugin

    rwinch committed with Glyn Normington
  3. Detect split packages at build time

    Glyn Normington committed
    Split packages are a well-known anti-pattern for OSGi and a blocker for
    Eclipse Virgo (which prevents split packages being accessed via its
    Import-Library construct).
    Split packages are also unhelpful with a traditional linear classpath
    as a split package name does not uniquely identify the Spring framework
    JAR from which it came, thus complicating problem diagnosis and
    Juergen Hoeller supports this position in the following comment in
    >FWIW, I generally find split packages a bad practice, even without
    >OSGi in the mix. For the Spring Framework codebase, I consider a
    >split-package arrangement a design accident that we want to detect
    >in any case - and that we're willing to fix if it happened.
    >I'm actually equally concerned about the source perspective: After
    >all, we want a package to be comprehensible from a single glance
    >at the project, not requiring the developer to jump into several
    >source modules to understand the overall layout of a package.
    Split packages have crept into Spring framework twice in recent months
    - see SPR-9811 and SPR-9988. Currently, they are only detected once
    the Spring framework has been converted to OSGi bundles and these
    bundles have been tested with Eclipse Virgo.
    This commit adds a build-time check for split packages to the Spring
    framework build.
    Issue: SPR-9990
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @cbeams

    Merge branch 'share-test-classes' into cleanup-3.2.x

    cbeams committed
    * share-test-classes:
      Polish test sourceSet dependencies
      Add test dependencies sources for testCompile
  2. @philwebb @cbeams

    Add test dependencies sources for testCompile

    philwebb committed with cbeams
    Update the TestSourceSetDependenciesPlugin to consider testCompile
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. @cbeams

    Fix Eclipse compilation error in Gradle plugin

    cbeams committed
    Prior to this commit, the following compilation error presented itself
    when importing buildSrc ('spring-build-src') into Eclipse:
        Groovy:missing type for constructor call @ line 36, column 49.
    This commit replaces the use of the diamond operator with typical
    generics syntax in order to work around the problem. It is assumed that
    the underlying problem is to do with the Groovy compiler in use. This
    change ensures that any contributor / committer importing
    spring-framework into Eclipse has a straightforward experience without
    being required to tweak Groovy settings.
    If selection of the correct Groovy compilation settings can be made
    automatic, then we should of course feel free to use Java 7-style syntax
    there in the future.
    Note that this was *not* a problem when importing buildSrc into IDEA 12.
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Recursively add test dependencies

    philwebb committed
    Update TestSourceSetDependenciesPlugin to recursively search project
    dependencies when adding test source sets.
  2. @philwebb

    Relocate MergePlugin package

    philwebb committed
    Relocate the MergePlugin from
  3. @philwebb

    Develop a gradle plugin to add test dependencies

    philwebb committed
    Develop a gradle plugin to automatically update testCompile dependencies
    to include the test source sets of project dependencies.
    Allows the gradle build to more closely mirror the way that tests run
    inside eclipse.
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
  1. @rwinch @philwebb

    Merge plugin copies exclude rules

    rwinch committed with philwebb
    Previously the 'merge from' project's configurations exclude rules were
    not used in the dynamically created 'merge into' project configurations.
    This meant that the pom generation for 'merge into' project did not
    exclude the dependencies from the 'merge from' project's configuration
    Now the exclude rules are copied into the dynamically created
    'merge into' project's configurations.
  2. @philwebb
  3. @philwebb

    Renamed buildsrc to buildSrc

    philwebb committed
    Rename buildsrc folder to buildSrc to follow Gradle conventions.
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