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Commits on Dec 11, 2013
  1. @philwebb @rwinch

    Add a 'bill of materials' project for Maven users

    philwebb committed with rwinch
    Add 'spring-framework-bom' meta-project that contains the other projects
    in a dependencyManagement section.
    Issue: SPR-11138
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Move spring-build-junit into spring-core

    philwebb committed
    Move code from spring-build-junit into spring-core/src/test along with
    several other test utility classes. This commit removes the temporary
    spring-build-junit project introduced in commit
Commits on Jan 1, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Expose Gradle buildSrc for IDE support

    philwebb committed
    Create 'spring-build-src' Gradle module that exposes the buildSrc
    folder as an IDE project.
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
  1. @philwebb @cbeams

    Introduce 'spring-build-junit' subproject

    philwebb committed with cbeams
    Introduce new 'spring-build-junit' subproject containing shared
    JUnit utilities and classes to be used by other test cases. This
    project is for internal use within the framework, and therefore
    creates no artifacts to be published to any repository.
    The initial code includes support for JUnit Assumptions that can
    be used to determine when a test should run. Tests can be skipped
    based on the running JDK version, logging level or based on specific
    'groups' that have activated via a Gradle property.
    It is intended that sources within the spring-build-junit project be
    folded into spring-core/src/test/java, pending some Gradle work that
    will facilitate sharing test output across subprojects; therefore this
    commit should be seen as a temporary solution.
    Issue: SPR-9984
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
  1. @philwebb

    Polish quote styles in gradle files

    philwebb committed
    Replace singe quote-marks with double quote-marks when possible for a
    more consistent style.
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
  1. @rwinch

    Remove reflection usage in orm.hibernate4.*

    rwinch committed with unknown
    Previously reflection was required when interacting with Hibernate 4 in
    order to support both Hibernate 3 and Hibernate 4 since there were
    non-passive changes in the APIs. Now that the Spring build uses Gradle
    it is trivial to support multiple Hibernate versions.
    This commit removes the reflection usage in orm.hibernate4.* by
    creating a spring-orm-hibernate4 module that uses
    gradle/merge-artifacts.gradle to build a single artifact but keep
    distinct classpaths.
    Issue: SPR-10039
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Add Spring Framework integration with Tiles 3

    rstoyanchev committed
    Tiles 3 has modified packages and classes as well as additional
    dependencies, notably "tiles-request-api", which is a request/response
    abstraction independent of Servlet and JSP APIs.
    In order to have both Tiles 2 and Tiles 3 integrations, the source for
    the Tiles 3 integration is in a separate project spring-webmvc-tiles3.
    The build process merges the compiled Tiles 3 integration classes into
    the spring-webmvc module so in effect it contains both the Tiles 2 and
    the Tiles 3 integrations.
    This change originated as a pull request at spring-framework-issues:
    And was additionally updated:
    Issue: SPR-8825
Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. @rwinch @rstoyanchev

    Add Spring MVC Test framework

    rwinch committed with rstoyanchev
    This commit adds the spring-test-mvc project [1] to the Spring
    Framework as part of the spring-test module.
    The sources are added as a root-level project called "spring-test-mvc"
    instead of under "spring-test" because the new sources need to be
    compiled with Servlet 3 while the current "spring-test" sources require
    Servlet 2.5 and the Eclipse IDE does not support having different
    classpaths for the same project.
    The Gradle build produces a single spring-test jar that contains
    sources from both "spring-test" and "spring-test-mvc". This merge is
    made possible through merge-dist.gradle as follows:
    - jar tasks of the "from" project execute tasks of the "to" project
    - "to" project is added to the classpath of the "from" project
    - "to" project pom is updated with entries from the "from" project
    For further details see documentation in merge-dist.gradle.
    Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the initial development
    of the Spring MVC Test framework:
     Arjen Poutsma <>
     Craig Walls <>
     Frans Flippo <>
     Harry Lascelles <>
     Irfan <>
     Jörg Rathlev <>
     Keesun Baik <>
     Keesun Baik <>
     Matthew Reid <>
     Nils-Helge Garli Hegvik <>
     Rob Winch <>
     Scott Frederick <>
     Sven Filatov <>
     Thomas Bruyelle <>
     youngm <>
    Issue: SPR-9859, SPR-7951
Commits on Aug 9, 2012
  1. @cbeams

    Remove spring-asm and inline ASM 4 into spring-core

    cbeams committed
    ASM 4.0 is generally compatibile with Java 7 classfiles, particularly
    including 'invokedynamic' instructions. This is important when
    considering that Spring's component-scanning support is internally
    ASM-based and it is increasingly likely that component classes having
    invokedynamic instructions may be encountered and read by ASM.
    This upgrade, then, is primarily preventive in nature.
    Changes include:
     - upgrade from ASM 2.2.3 to ASM 4.0
     - adapt to ASM API changes as necessary throughout spring-core,
       resulting in no impact to the public Spring API.
     - remove dedicated spring-asm module
     - use new :spring-core:asmRepackJar task to repackage
       org.objectweb.asm => org.springframework.asm as per usual and write
       repackaged classes directly into spring-core jar
    The choice to eliminate the spring-asm module altogether and instead
    inline the repackaged classes directly into spring-core is first to
    eliminate an otherwise unnecessary second jar. spring-core has a
    non-optional dependency on spring-asm meaning it is always on the
    application classpath. This change simplifies that situation by
    consoliding two jars into one. The second reason for this choice is in
    anticipation of upgrading CGLIB to version 3 and inlining it into
    spring-core as well. See subsequent commit for details.
    Issue: SPR-9669
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @cbeams

    Rename modules {org.springframework.*=>spring-*}

    cbeams committed
    This renaming more intuitively expresses the relationship between
    subprojects and the JAR artifacts they produce.
    Tracking history across these renames is possible, but it requires
    use of the --follow flag to `git log`, for example
        $ git log spring-aop/src/main/java/org/springframework/aop/
    will show history up until the renaming event, where
        $ git log --follow spring-aop/src/main/java/org/springframework/aop/
    will show history for all changes to the file, before and after the
  2. @cbeams

    Move integration tests => src/test

    cbeams committed
    This commit eliminates the 'integration-tests' subproject in favor of
    managing these sources under the root project's own 'src' directory.
    This helps to avoid special-case handling for integration-tests in the
    Gradle build, e.g. avoiding publication of jars to Artifactory /
    Maven Central.
    It is also semantically more correct. This is not a Spring Framework
    subproject so much as it is a collection of integration tests that
    span functionality across many subprojects. In this way, it makes
    sense to place them directly under the root project.
    Issue: SPR-8116
  3. @cbeams

    Introduce Gradle-based build

    cbeams committed
     - Use recent Gradle 1.0-milestone-8 snapshot
     - Add initial cut of build.gradle able to compile/test all modules
     - Update .gitignore
     - Generate Gradle wrapper scripts
     - Remove all Eclipse metadata files
     - Temporarily @Ignore tests that do not pass under Gradle
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