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Aug 09, 2012

  1. Chris Beams

    Remove spring-asm and inline ASM 4 into spring-core

    ASM 4.0 is generally compatibile with Java 7 classfiles, particularly
    including 'invokedynamic' instructions. This is important when
    considering that Spring's component-scanning support is internally
    ASM-based and it is increasingly likely that component classes having
    invokedynamic instructions may be encountered and read by ASM.
    This upgrade, then, is primarily preventive in nature.
    Changes include:
     - upgrade from ASM 2.2.3 to ASM 4.0
     - adapt to ASM API changes as necessary throughout spring-core,
       resulting in no impact to the public Spring API.
     - remove dedicated spring-asm module
     - use new :spring-core:asmRepackJar task to repackage
       org.objectweb.asm => org.springframework.asm as per usual and write
       repackaged classes directly into spring-core jar
    The choice to eliminate the spring-asm module altogether and instead
    inline the repackaged classes directly into spring-core is first to
    eliminate an otherwise unnecessary second jar. spring-core has a
    non-optional dependency on spring-asm meaning it is always on the
    application classpath. This change simplifies that situation by
    consoliding two jars into one. The second reason for this choice is in
    anticipation of upgrading CGLIB to version 3 and inlining it into
    spring-core as well. See subsequent commit for details.
    Issue: SPR-9669
    authored August 07, 2012

Jan 31, 2012

  1. Chris Beams

    Rename modules {org.springframework.*=>spring-*}

    This renaming more intuitively expresses the relationship between
    subprojects and the JAR artifacts they produce.
    Tracking history across these renames is possible, but it requires
    use of the --follow flag to `git log`, for example
        $ git log spring-aop/src/main/java/org/springframework/aop/
    will show history up until the renaming event, where
        $ git log --follow spring-aop/src/main/java/org/springframework/aop/
    will show history for all changes to the file, before and after the
    authored January 20, 2012
  2. Chris Beams

    Move integration tests => src/test

    This commit eliminates the 'integration-tests' subproject in favor of
    managing these sources under the root project's own 'src' directory.
    This helps to avoid special-case handling for integration-tests in the
    Gradle build, e.g. avoiding publication of jars to Artifactory /
    Maven Central.
    It is also semantically more correct. This is not a Spring Framework
    subproject so much as it is a collection of integration tests that
    span functionality across many subprojects. In this way, it makes
    sense to place them directly under the root project.
    Issue: SPR-8116
    authored January 14, 2012
  3. Chris Beams

    Introduce Gradle-based build

     - Use recent Gradle 1.0-milestone-8 snapshot
     - Add initial cut of build.gradle able to compile/test all modules
     - Update .gitignore
     - Generate Gradle wrapper scripts
     - Remove all Eclipse metadata files
     - Temporarily @Ignore tests that do not pass under Gradle
    authored December 15, 2011
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