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Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @sbrannen


    sbrannen authored
    This commit removes unnecessary not-null checks for annotation
    attribute alias names.
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @sbrannen
  2. @sbrannen

    Merge from sbrannen/SPR-13345

    sbrannen authored
    * SPR-13345:
      Support implicit attribute aliases with @AliasFor
  3. @sbrannen

    Support implicit attribute aliases with @AliasFor

    sbrannen authored
    Spring Framework 4.2 introduced support for aliases between annotation
    attributes that fall into the following two categories.
    1) Alias pairs: two attributes in the same annotation that use
       @AliasFor to declare that they are explicit aliases for each other.
    2) Meta-annotation attribute overrides: an attribute in one annotation
       uses @AliasFor to declare that it is an explicit override of an
       attribute in a meta-annotation.
    However, the existing functionality fails to support the case where two
    attributes in the same annotation both use @AliasFor to declare that
    they are both explicit overrides of the same attribute in the same
    meta-annotation. In such scenarios, one would intuitively assume that
    two such attributes would be treated as "implicit" aliases for each
    other, analogous to the existing support for explicit alias pairs.
    Furthermore, an annotation may potentially declare multiple aliases
    that are effectively a set of implicit aliases for each other.
    This commit introduces support for implicit aliases configured via
    @AliasFor through an extensive overhaul of the support for alias
    lookups, validation, etc. Specifically, this commit includes the
    - Introduced isAnnotationMetaPresent() in AnnotationUtils.
    - Introduced private AliasDescriptor class in AnnotationUtils in order
      to encapsulate the parsing, validation, and comparison of both
      explicit and implicit aliases configured via @AliasFor.
    - Switched from single values for alias names to lists of alias names.
    - Renamed getAliasedAttributeName() to getAliasedAttributeNames() in
    - Converted alias map to contain lists of aliases in AnnotationUtils.
    - Refactored the following to support multiple implicit aliases:
      getRequiredAttributeWithAlias() in AnnotationAttributes,
      MapAnnotationAttributeExtractor, MergedAnnotationAttributesProcessor
      in AnnotatedElementUtils, and postProcessAnnotationAttributes() in
    - Introduced numerous tests for implicit alias support, including
      DefaultAnnotationAttributeExtractorTests, and
    - Updated Javadoc in @AliasFor regarding implicit aliases and in
      AnnotationUtils regarding "meta-present".
    Issue: SPR-13345
  4. @jhoeller
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @sbrannen
  2. @sbrannen
  3. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
  4. @jhoeller
  5. @bclozel

    Skip HttpServletResponse.getStatus() on Servlet 2.5

    bclozel authored
    Prior to this commit, ServletWebRequest would call
    HttpServletResponse.getStatus(), which is a Servlet 3.x method.
    This commit checks if this method is available before calling it, thus
    keeping Servlet 2.5 compatibility.
    Issue: SPR-13396
  6. @jhoeller

    MethodValidationInterceptor falls back to invocation attempt with res…

    jhoeller authored
    …olved bridge method (for Hibernate Validator 5.2 compatibility)
    Issue: SPR-12237
  7. @sbrannen
  8. @sbrannen
  9. @jhoeller

    HibernateJpaDialect logs warning in case of Connection mismatch (e.g.…

    jhoeller authored
    … configured release mode other than ON_CLOSE)
    Related to that, HibernateTransactionManager specifically checks for active physical connections on reset as of Hibernate 5.
    Issue: SPR-13269
    Issue: SPR-13002
  10. @jhoeller
  11. @jhoeller
  12. @jhoeller

    Mark log4j support classes as deprecated in favor of Apache Log4j 2 (…

    jhoeller authored
    …following Apache's EOL declaration for log4j 1.x)
    Issue: SPR-13400
  13. @jhoeller
  14. @jhoeller
  15. @sdeleuze
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @sbrannen
  2. @bclozel

    Prepare Undertow 1.3.0 compatibility

    bclozel authored
    Xnio 3.4.0 will introduce a new source of ByteBuffers: ByteBufferPool.
    Previously this feature was offered by Pooled/Pool/ByteBufferSlicePool;
    those classes are now marked as deprecated.
    As of 1.3.0.Beta9, Undertow still implements the following method in its
    ClientConnection interface, using those deprecated types:
        Pool<ByteBuffer> getBufferPool();
    This commit prepares compatibility by suppressing warnings in order to
    avoid build failures in our build. Once appropriate changes are made in
    Undertow, a specific implementation with new types could be introduced.
    Issue: SPR-13366
  3. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
  4. @jhoeller
  5. @rstoyanchev

    Update WebSocket docs on proxying @Controller

    rstoyanchev authored
    Issue: SPR-13384
  6. @rstoyanchev

    Update javadoc for (Async)RestTemplate

    rstoyanchev authored
    Issue: SPR-13313
  7. @rstoyanchev

    Properly expand URI vars with regex

    rstoyanchev authored
    Before this commit UriComponents was capable of expanding URI vars that
    may have contained a regular expressions (as supported with
    @RequestMapping for example). However if the regular expressions
    contained any nested "{}" the expand did not work correctly.
    This commit sanitizes a URI template source removing any content
    between nested "{}" prior to expanding. This works since we only care
    about the URI variable name.
    Issue: SPR-13311
  8. @rstoyanchev

    Support multipart filename with charset

    rstoyanchev authored
    StandardMultipartHttpServletRequest now supports filenames with
    charset information.
    Issue: SPR-13319
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
  1. @jhoeller

    RedirectView and RequestContext use RequestContextUtils.findWebApplic…

    jhoeller authored
    Issue: SPR-13346
  2. @jhoeller

    StubWebApplicationContext supports AutowireCapableBeanFactory operati…

    jhoeller authored
    …ons (as far as possible)
    This is generally worthwhile but in particular fixes a regression with our Jackson SpringHandlerInstantiator in standalone MVC tests.
    Issue: SPR-13375
  3. @jhoeller
  4. @jhoeller
  5. @jhoeller

    MessageHeaders returns completely immutable entry set (no entry.setVa…

    jhoeller authored
    …lue call allowed)
    Issue: SPR-13385
  6. @jhoeller

    Call statement support for SAP HANA

    jhoeller authored
    Issue: SPR-13381
  7. @jhoeller
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