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Commits on Feb 11, 2011
  1. @cbeams
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
  1. @jhoeller
  2. @jhoeller

    fixed scheduling tests

    jhoeller authored
  3. @jhoeller

    exceptions thrown by @Scheduled methods will be propagated to a regis…

    jhoeller authored
    …tered ErrorHandler (SPR-7723)
  4. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
  5. @cbeams

    Further compensation for STS version mismatch

    cbeams authored
    Current STS version of Spring (3.0.5) does not contain
    the BeanUtils.instantiateClass(Class<?>, Class<T>) signature
    that was added in 3.1.0, therefore NoSuchMethodErrors are
    being thrown when STS classloads and delegates to
    3.1.0 NamespaceHandler and BeanDefinitionParser implementations
    on the user project classpath.
    In this case, it's AbstractSpecificationBeanDefinitionParser
    doing the calling to the unknown new method.  In this specific
    example, reverting back to the old single-arg signature is actually
    not a problem, because it does accept Class<T> and returns an
    instance of type T, which was the desired behavior in the first
    The newer signature remains in order to accommodate callers
    who do not know the generic type of the Class to be instantiated
    (i.e. Class<?>), but do know the type that it should be assignable
    to -- this becomes the second argument Class<T>, and an instance
    of type T is returned (if indeed it is assignable to the specified
    type; otherwise IllegalArgumentException.
  6. @cbeams

    Re-introduce and deprecate BDPD.initDefaults(Element)

    cbeams authored
    For compatibility with Spring Integration's standalone usage of
  7. @sbrannen
  8. @sbrannen
  9. @jhoeller

    prepared 3.1 M1 changelog

    jhoeller authored
  10. @jhoeller
  11. @jhoeller

    turned to package visibility

    jhoeller authored
  12. @jhoeller
  13. @jhoeller

    removed ConversionService/TypeConverter convenience methods in order …

    jhoeller authored
    …to restore 3.0's SPI (for backwards compatibility with implementers)
  14. @jhoeller

    removed ConversionService/TypeConverter convenience methods in order …

    jhoeller authored
    …to restore 3.0's SPI (for backwards compatibility with implementers)
  15. @cbeams

    Further compensations for STS; binary compat fixes

    cbeams authored
    Defensively catch NoSuchMethodError when calling BDPD.getEnvironment()
    and supply a DefaultEnvironment if not available.
    Replace the single-arg constructor for BDPD and deprecate, preserving
    binary compat particularly for Spring Integration who instantiates
    this class directly, which is unusual.
Commits on Feb 9, 2011
  1. @cbeams

    Fix STS compatibility issues; other improvements

    cbeams authored
    Revert changes to ParserContext, ReaderContext, and XmlReaderContext
        These changes cause cross-version incompatibilities at tooling time
        -- for instance, an STS version that ships with Spring 3.0.5
        classloads the ParserContext defined in that version, whereas it
        classloads NamespaceHandlers and BeanDefinitionParsers (by default)
        from the user application classpath, which may be building against
        3.1.0. If so, the changes introduced to these types in 3.1.0 are
        incompatible with expectations in the 3.0.5 world and cause all
        manner of problems.  In this case, it was NoSuchMethodError due to
        the newly-added XmlReaderContext.getProblemReporter() method; also
        IncompatibleClassChangeError due to the introduction of the
        ComponentRegistrar interface on ParserContext.
        Each of these problems have been mitigated, though the solutions
        are not ideal. The method mentioned has been removed, and instead
        the problemReporter field is now accessed reflectively.
        ParserContext now no longer implements ComponentRegistrar, and
        rather a ComponentRegistrarAdapter class has been introduced that
        passes method calls through to a ParserContext delegate.
    Introduce AbstractSpecificationBeanDefinitionParser
        AbstractSpecificationBeanDefinitionParser has been introduced in
        order to improve the programming model for BeanDefinitionParsers
        that have been refactored to the new FeatureSpecification model.
        This new base class and it's template method implementation of
        parse/doParse ensure that common concerns like (1) adapting a
        ParserContext into a SpecificationContext, (2) setting source and
        source name on the specification, and (3) actually executing the
        specification are all managed by the base class.  The subclass
        implementation of doParse need only actually parse XML, populate
        and return the FeatureSpecification object.  This change removed
        the many duplicate 'createSpecificationContext' methods that had
        been lingering.
    Minor improvement to BeanDefinitionReaderUtils API
        Introduced new BeanDefinitionReaderUtils#registerWithGeneratedName
        variant that accepts BeanDefinition as opposed to
        AbstractBeanDefinition, as BeanDefinition is all that is actually
        necessary to satisfy the needs of the method implementation. The
        latter variant accepting AbstractBeanDefinition has been deprecated
        but remains intact and delegates to the new variant in order to
        maintain binary compatibility.
  2. switched to create the PreparedStatementCreatorFactory using a list o…

    Thomas Risberg authored
    …f SqlParameters to preserve type names (SPR-7699)
  3. Fixing compilation error with javac.

    Arjen Poutsma authored
  4. @cbeams

    Revert signature change in BDRU.registerWithGeneratedName

    cbeams authored
    This change broke binary compatibility as evidenced by running
    the greenhouse test suite and finding that Spring Integration's
    AbstractConsumerEndpointParser.parseInternal fails with
    NoSuchMethodError when trying to invoke.
  5. @cbeams
  6. @cbeams
  7. @cbeams

    Add FeatureMethodErrorTests

    cbeams authored
    Capture common mistakes with @Feature method declarations and ensure
    that useful error messages are produced.
Commits on Feb 8, 2011
  1. @sbrannen
  2. @sbrannen

    polishing JavaDoc

    sbrannen authored
  3. @cbeams
  4. @cbeams

    Rename spring.{profile}.active => {profiles}

    cbeams authored
    Same for spring.profiles.default
  5. @cbeams
  6. @jhoeller
  7. @jhoeller

    removed assertions

    jhoeller authored
  8. @cbeams

    Introduce FeatureSpecification support

    cbeams authored
    Introduce FeatureSpecification interface and implementations
        FeatureSpecification objects decouple the configuration of
        spring container features from the concern of parsing XML
        namespaces, allowing for reuse in code-based configuration
        (see @Feature* annotations below).
        * ComponentScanSpec
        * TxAnnotationDriven
        * MvcAnnotationDriven
        * MvcDefaultServletHandler
        * MvcResources
        * MvcViewControllers
    Refactor associated BeanDefinitionParsers to delegate to new impls above
        The following BeanDefinitionParser implementations now deal only
        with the concern of XML parsing.  Validation is handled by their
        corresponding FeatureSpecification object.  Bean definition creation
        and registration is handled by their corresponding
        FeatureSpecificationExecutor type.
        * ComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser
        * AnnotationDrivenBeanDefinitionParser (tx)
        * AnnotationDrivenBeanDefinitionParser (mvc)
        * DefaultServletHandlerBeanDefinitionParser
        * ResourcesBeanDefinitionParser
        * ViewControllerBeanDefinitionParser
    Update AopNamespaceUtils to decouple from XML (DOM API)
        Methods necessary for executing TxAnnotationDriven specification
        (and eventually, the AspectJAutoProxy specification) have been
        added that accept boolean arguments for whether to proxy
        target classes and whether to expose the proxy via threadlocal.
        Methods that accepted and introspected DOM Element objects still
        exist but have been deprecated.
    Introduce @FeatureConfiguration classes and @Feature methods
        Allow for creation and configuration of FeatureSpecification objects
        at the user level.  A companion for @Configuration classes allowing
        for completely code-driven configuration of the Spring container.
        See changes in ConfigurationClassPostProcessor for implementation
        See Feature*Tests for usage examples.
        FeatureTestSuite in .integration-tests is a JUnit test suite designed
        to aggregate all BDP and Feature* related tests for a convenient way
        to confirm that Feature-related changes don't break anything.
        Uncomment this test and execute from Eclipse / IDEA. Due to classpath
        issues, this cannot be compiled by Ant/Ivy at the command line.
    Introduce @FeatureAnnotation meta-annotation and @ComponentScan impl
        @FeatureAnnotation provides an alternate mechanism for creating
        and executing FeatureSpecification objects.  See @ComponentScan
        and its corresponding ComponentScanAnnotationParser implementation
        for details.  See ComponentScanAnnotationIntegrationTests for usage
    Introduce Default[Formatting]ConversionService implementations
        Allows for convenient instantiation of ConversionService objects
        containing defaults appropriate for most environments.  Replaces
        similar support originally in ConversionServiceFactory (which is now
        deprecated). This change was justified by the need to avoid use
        of FactoryBeans in @Configuration classes (such as
        FormattingConversionServiceFactoryBean). It is strongly preferred
        that users simply instantiate and configure the objects that underlie
        our FactoryBeans. In the case of the ConversionService types, the
        easiest way to do this is to create Default* subtypes. This also
        follows convention with the rest of the framework.
    Minor updates to util classes
        All in service of changes above. See diffs for self-explanatory
        * BeanUtils
        * ObjectUtils
        * ReflectionUtils
  9. @cbeams
Commits on Feb 7, 2011
  1. renamed EhcacheCacheManager to EhCacheCacheManager

    Costin Leau authored
  2. renamed EhcacheCacheManager to EhCacheCacheManager

    Costin Leau authored
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