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Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. @spring-buildmaster
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. @cbeams

    Ignore SpringRunnerContextCacheTests

    cbeams authored
    Avoid order-dependent test method failures on JDK7
    Issue: SPR-9789
  2. @cbeams

    Add Created-By attribute to jar manifests

    cbeams authored
    This commit ensures that the 'Created-By:' attribute [1] is added to
    each jar's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF in order to identify clearly the vendor
    and version of Java used during the build process.
  3. @cbeams
  4. @cbeams

    Update changelog

    cbeams authored
  5. @philwebb @cbeams

    Support inferred base package for @ComponentScan

    philwebb authored cbeams committed
    Prior to this change, @ComponentScan required the declaration of
    exactly one of the #value, #basePackage or #basePackageClasses
    attributes in order to determine which package(s) to scan.
    This commit introduces support for base package inference, relaxing the
    above requirement and falling back to scanning the package in which the
    @ComponentScan-annotated class is declared.
    Issue: SPR-9586
  6. @cbeams

    Update PortletRequestUtilsTests float test timeout

    cbeams authored
    Float parameter handling appears to be marginally more expensive under
    JDK7, with the testGetFloatParameterWithDefaultValueHandlingIsFastEnough
    test clocking in anywhere from 250 to 315 ms. This violates the current
    test threshold of 250 ms, so this commit ups the timeout value to 350 ms
    with the assumption that this is indeed a marginal and therefore overall
    negligible performance degradation.
  7. @cbeams

    Merge pull request #143 from olivergierke/SPR-9781

    cbeams authored
    # By Oliver Gierke
    * SPR-9781:
      Work around JDK7 String#substring performance regression
  8. @olivergierke @cbeams

    Work around JDK7 String#substring performance regression

    olivergierke authored cbeams committed
    String#substring has become significantly slower as of JDK 1.7.0_06 [1],
    such that there are performance degradations by a factor of 100-1000 in
    ResourceDatabasePopulator, especially for large SQL files.
    This commit works around this problem by minimizing the substring scope
    to the least amount possible to prevent unnecessary internal copying of
    strings (which seems to cause the issue).
    Issue: SPR-9781
  9. @cbeams

    Upgrade to JUnit 4.11 snapshot in support of JDK7

    cbeams authored
    Class#getDeclaredMembers returns arbitrary results under JDK7. This
    results in non-deterministic execution of JUnit test methods, often
    revealing unintended dependencies between methods that rely on a
    specific order to succeed.
    JUnit 4.11 contains support for predictable test ordering [1], but at
    the time of this commit, JUnit 4.11 has not yet been released.
    Therefore we are testing against a snapshot version [2], which has been
    uploaded to [3] for easy access. Note that this
    artifact may be removed when JUnit 4.11 goes GA.
     - Care has been taken to ensure that spring-test's compile-time
       dependency on JUnit remains at 4.10. This means that the spring-test
       pom.xml will continue to have an optional <dependency> on JUnit
       4.10, instead of the 4.11 snapshot.
     - For reasons not fully understood, the upgrade to the 4.11 snapshot
       of junit-dep caused NoSuchMethodErrors around certain Hamcrest
       types, particularly CoreMatchers and Matchers. import statements
       have been updated accordingly throughout affected test cases.
     - Runtime errors also occurred around uses of JUnit @Rule and
       ExpectedException. These have been reverted to use simpler
       mechanisms like @Test(expected) in the meantime.
     - Some test methods with order-based dependencies on one another have
       been renamed in order to fall in line with JUnit 4.11's new method
       ordering (as opposed to actually fixing the inter-test
       dependencies). In other areas, the fix was as simple as adding a
       tearDown method and cleaning up state.
     - For no apparent reason, the timeout in AspectJAutoProxyCreatorTests'
       testAspectsAndAdvisorNotAppliedToPrototypeIsFastEnough method begins
       to be exceeded. Prior to this commit the timeout value was 3000 ms;
       on the CI server under Linux/JDK6 and JDK7, the test begins taking
       anywhere from 3500-5500 ms with this commit. It is presumed that
       this is an incidental artifact of the upgrade to JUnit 4.11. In any
       case, there are no changes to src/main in this commit, so this
       should not actually represent a performance risk for Spring
       Framework users. The timeout has been increased to 6000 ms to
       accommodate this situation.
    Issue: SPR-9783
  10. @philwebb @cbeams

    Protect against non-deterministic method order in JDK7

    philwebb authored cbeams committed
     - Allow reset of GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry
       Provide a reset() method allowing the GlobalAdvisorAdapterRegistry
       instance to be replaced with a fresh instance. This method has
       primarily been added to allow unit tests to leave the registry
       in a known state.
     - Protect against the fact that calls to configuration class methods
       my occur in a random order.
    Issue: SPR-9779
  11. @philwebb @cbeams

    Fix Windows-related build issues

    philwebb authored cbeams committed
    - Increase max heap size in gradle wrapper.
    - Use MockProperties implementation to protect against security
    - Replace windows CRLF with LF in various tests.
    - Increase Thread.sleep times to account for lack of precision on
    Issue: SPR-9717
  12. @cbeams

    Polish PortletRequestUtilsTests

    cbeams authored
    Update PortletRequestUtilsTests to use Assert#assertThat and Hamcrest's
    Matchers#lessThan in order to output more useful messages when tests
  13. @rstoyanchev

    Ignore parse errors in HttpPutFormContentFilter

    rstoyanchev authored
    Errors when parsing the request content-type, in order to find out if
    the request has form content, are translated to false.
    Issue: SPR-9769
Commits on Sep 10, 2012
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Add error request attribute for 500 reponses

    rstoyanchev authored
    DefaultHandlerExceptionResolver and ResponseEntityExceptionHandler now
    both set the "javax.servlet.error.exception" request attribute to the
    raised exception, allowing custom error pages configured via web.xml.
    Issue: SPR-9653
  2. @jhoeller

    SpringFactoriesLoader as the simplest possible mechanism for BeanInfo…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …Factory loading
  3. @jhoeller

    @Import'ed configuration classes get properly registered in case of s…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …ame class name (second try)
    Issue: SPR-9243
  4. @rstoyanchev

    Cache AntPathStringMatcher instances

    rstoyanchev authored
    AntPathMatcher now caches AntPathStringMatcher instances by pattern
    thus avoiding java.util.regex.Pattern recompilation.
    Issue: SPR-9749
  5. @rstoyanchev

    Optimize use of HandlerMethod and sub-classes

    rstoyanchev authored
    While HandlerMethod instances are cached for lookup purposes, a new
    ServletInvocableHandlerMethod instance has to be created prior to each
    invocation since handlers may have non-singleton scope semantics.
    This change reduces the overhead of creating per request instances
    by using a logger with a fixed name rather than relying on getClass()
    and also by copying introspected method parameters from the cached
    HandlerMethod instance.
    Issue: SPR-9747, SPR-9748
  6. @jhoeller

    @Import'ed configuration classes get properly registered in case of s…

    jhoeller authored
    …ame class name
    Issue: SPR-9243
  7. @jhoeller

    BeanFactoryAnnotationUtils throws NoSuchBeanDefinitionExceptions inst…

    jhoeller authored
    …ead of IllegalStateExceptions
    Issue: SPR-9652
  8. @jhoeller

    Expression detection properly handles cached String literals

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    Issue: SPR-9670
  9. @jhoeller

    MutablePropertySources log statements guarded by isDebugEnabled

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    Issue: SPR-9670
  10. @jhoeller

    Spring-backed DataSources consistently implement JDBC 4.0's Wrapper i…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    Issue: SPR-9770
  11. @jhoeller

    same-named unit from persistence.xml overrides in case of conflict wi…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …th default unit
    Issue: SPR-9741
  12. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored unknown committed
  13. @jhoeller

    @Import'ed configuration classes get properly registered in case of s…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …ame class name
    Issue: SPR-9243
  14. @jhoeller

    LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap checks for uniqueness of case-insensitive ke…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …ys now
    Issue: SPR-9754
  15. Refactor BeanInfoFactory

    Arjen Poutsma authored
    This commit refactors the BeanInfoFactory so that:
     - supports() and getBeanInfo() are folded into one, so that getBeanInfo()
        returns null if a given class is not supported.
     - CachedIntrospectionResults now uses SpringFactoriesLoader
Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. @sbrannen

    Update Javadoc in ExtendedBeanInfo

    sbrannen authored
     - updated the link to the "indexed properties" section of the JavaBeans
  2. @sbrannen
  3. @cbeams

    Use ExtendedBeanInfo on an as-needed basis only

    cbeams authored
    Prior to this change, CachedIntrospectionResults delegated to
    ExtendedBeanInfo by default in order to inspect JavaBean
    PropertyDescriptor information for bean classes.
    Originally introduced with SPR-8079, ExtendedBeanInfo was designed to
    go beyond the capabilities of the default JavaBeans Introspector in
    order to support non-void returning setter methods, principally to
    support use of builder-style APIs within Spring XML. This is a complex
    affair, and the non-trivial logic in ExtendedBeanInfo has led to various
    bugs including regressions for bean classes that do not declare
    non-void returning setters.
    This commit takes advantage of the new BeanInfoFactory mechanism
    introduced in SPR-9677 to take ExtendedBeanInfo out of the default code
    path for CachedIntrospectionResults. Now, the new
    ExtendedBeanInfoFactory class will be detected and instantiated (per its
    entry in the META-INF/spring.beanInfoFactories properties file shipped
    with the spring-beans jar). ExtendedBeanInfoFactory#supports is invoked
    for all bean classes in order to determine whether they are candidates
    for ExtendedBeanInfo introspection, i.e. whether they declare non-void
    returning setter methods.
    If a class does not declare any such non-standard setter methods (the
    99% case), then CachedIntrospectionResults will fall back to the
    default JavaBeans Introspector. While efforts have been made to fix any
    bugs with ExtendedBeanInfo, this change means that EBI will not pose
    any future risk for bean classes that do not declare non-standard
    setter methods, and also means greater efficiency in general.
    Issue: SPR-9723, SPR-9677, SPR-8079
  4. @cbeams

    Address various ExtendedBeanInfo bugs

    cbeams authored
     - Ensure that ExtendedBeanInfoTests succeeds when building under JDK 7
     - Improve handling of read and write method registration where
       generic interfaces are involved, per SPR-9453
     - Add repro test for SPR-9702, in which EBI fails to register
       an indexed read method under certain circumstances
    Issue: SPR-9702, SPR-9414, SPR-9453
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. @sbrannen


    sbrannen authored
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