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Commits on Dec 13, 2012
  1. @spring-buildmaster @cbeams

    Release version 3.2.0.RELEASE

    spring-buildmaster authored cbeams committed
  2. @cbeams
  3. @cbeams

    Update "what's new" in 3.1 and 3.2 sections

    cbeams authored
     - Remove unnecessary "overview of new features" section in 3.1
     - Mention new Gradle build and GitHub-based source control in 3.2
  4. @cbeams

    Upgrade reference plugin to version 0.2.4

    cbeams authored
    Pick up fix for regression in version 0.2.3 that caused project-specific
    images, e.g. diagrams not to be copied into the images/ folder, thereby
    causing broken image links online and in the PDF.
  5. @cbeams
  6. @jhoeller

    Minor rewording

    jhoeller authored
  7. @jhoeller

    Final preparations for 3.2 GA

    jhoeller authored
  8. @jhoeller

    DefaultMessageListenerContainer clears resources of paused tasks when…

    jhoeller authored
    … shutting down after stop
    Issue: SPR-10092
  9. @jhoeller
  10. @jhoeller
  11. @sbrannen

    Polish the migration guide

    sbrannen authored
     - Added missing <para> tags to the JDiff reports section.
     - Converted tabs to spaces.
  12. @sbrannen

    Update migration guide regarding spring-test

    sbrannen authored
    This commit adds information to the 3.2 migration guide regarding
    deprecations and Maven dependencies in the spring-test module.
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
  1. @philwebb

    Update API links in reference documentation

    philwebb authored
    Replace all API links with the correct URL
  2. @jhoeller

    Final preparations for 3.2 GA

    jhoeller authored
  3. @jhoeller

    SpEL indexer uses direct access to specific List elements instead of …

    jhoeller authored
    …iterating over the Collection
    Issue: SPR-10035
  4. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
  5. @jhoeller
  6. @jhoeller

    Removed "target" entry from gitignore, allowing to commit changes to …

    jhoeller authored
    …the "" package
  7. @jhoeller

    Consistent fine-tuning of synchronized and concurrent data structures

    jhoeller authored
    In particular, avoiding synchronized Sets and Maps wherever possible (preferring a ConcurrentHashMap even instead of a synchronized Set) and specifying appropriate ConcurrentHashMap initial capacities (even if we end up choosing 16).
  8. @jhoeller

    Inlined AntPathStringMatcher into AntPathMatcher

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    Also initializing the capacity of the AntPathStringMatcher cache to 256 now.
  9. @jhoeller

    Deprecated CachingMapDecorator (following the deprecation of LabeledE…

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
    …num support)
  10. @jhoeller

    Polishing along with backports to 3.1.4

    jhoeller authored unknown committed
  11. @cbeams
  12. @cbeams

    Fully qualify Spring=>Spring Framework in ref docs

    cbeams authored
    This is not a comprehensive update, only covering the "What's new"
    sections for now.
  13. @rwinch

    Rm buildSrc/src/main/groovy from Eclipse Sources

    rwinch authored
    Previously buildSrc/src/main/groovy was a source folder within Eclipse.
    This caused build errors due to missing dependencies for Gradle.
    This commit removes buildSrc/src/main/groovy from the source folders
    within Eclipse to prevent errors from being displayed.
  14. @rstoyanchev

    Update reference doc for async web request config

    rstoyanchev authored
    Issue: SPR-9400
  15. @rstoyanchev
  16. @cbeams

    Upgrade to AspectJ 1.7.1

    cbeams authored
    This change upgrades the spring-framework build to AspectJ 1.7.1 to
    ensure compatibility. We remain backward-compatible to at least AJ
    1.6.12 (the previous version), and likely back to 1.6.7.
    AJ 1.7 allows for weaving Java 7 bytecode, particularly with regard
    to invokedynamic instructions, and furthermore makes improvements to
    the aspectj language itself to allow users to take advantage of Java 7-
    style language features within aspects. See [1] for details.
    Issue: SPR-10079
  17. @cbeams

    Eliminate all Javadoc warnings

    cbeams authored
     - Support external Javadoc links using Gradle's javadoc.options.links
     - Fix all other Javadoc warnings, such as typos, references to
       non-existent (or no longer existent) types and members, etc,
       including changes related to the Quartz 2.0 upgrade (SPR-8275) and
       adding the HTTP PATCH method (SPR-7985).
     - Suppress all output for project-level `javadoc` tasks in order to
       hide false-negative warnings about cross-module @see and @link
       references (e.g. spring-core having a @see reference to spring-web).
       Use the `--info` (-i) flag to gradle at any time to see project-level
       javadoc warnings without running the entire `api` task. e.g.
       `gradle :spring-core:javadoc -i`
     - Favor root project level `api` task for detection of legitimate
       Javadoc warnings. There are now zero Javadoc warnings across the
       entirety of spring-framework. Goal: keep it that way.
     - Remove all @link and @see references to types and members that exist
       only in Servlet <= 2.5 and Hibernate <= 4.0, favoring 3.0+ and 4.0+
       respectively. This is necessary because only one version of each of
       these dependencies can be present on the global `api` javadoc task's
       classpath. To that end, the `api` task classpath has now been
       customized to ensure that the Servlet 3 API and Hibernate Core 4 jars
       have precedence.
     - SPR-8896 replaced our dependency on aspectjrt with a dependency on
       aspectjweaver, which is fine from a POM point of view, but causes
       a spurious warning to be emitted from the ant iajc task that it
       "cannot find aspectjrt on the classpath" - even though aspectjweaver
       is perfectly sufficient. In the name of keeping the console quiet, a
       new `rt` configuration has been added, and aspectjrt added as a
       dependency to it. In turn, configurations.rt.asPath is appended to
       the iajc classpath during both compileJava and compileTestJava for
    Issue: SPR-10078, SPR-8275, SPR-7985, SPR-8896
  18. @cbeams

    Rename API and reference doc output dirs

    cbeams authored
    Prior to this change, aggregated javadoc has been written to an 'api'
    dir and reference docs into a 'reference' dir. This shorter naming is
    desirable, but is not compatible with historical naming under 3.1.x as
    defined by the Ant+Ivy Spring Build.
    For example, URLs are currently as follows:
    Particularly with regard to the 'current' link, we do not want to
    break this url scheme with the shortened 'api' directory naming. Of
    course this compatibility can be preserved with symlinks, but this makes
    the release process that much more complicated and fragile.
    This commit ensures that the naming is 'javadoc-api' and
    'spring-framework-reference', consistent with historical convention.
    We can always add a symlinking scheme to add the shorter 'api' and
    'reference' options after the fact if desired.
  19. @philwebb

    Document annotation-config / component-scan tip

    philwebb authored
    Document that the <context:annotation-config> element is usually
    not required when using <context:component-scan>.
    Issue: SPR-9808
  20. @philwebb

    Use consistent XML docbook namespace format

    philwebb authored
    Reorder XML namespace imports for consistency with other docbook
  21. @rstoyanchev
  22. @jhoeller

    Final preparations for 3.2 GA

    jhoeller authored
  23. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored unknown committed
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