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Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. @spring-buildmaster
  2. @philwebb

    Tweak gradle generated eclipse meta-data

    philwebb committed
     - Change output folders to /bin/main and /bin/test. This prevents
       'gradle clean' from breaking eclipse.
     - Update copyright header for new files to '2002-2013'
  3. @jhoeller
  4. @cbeams

    Merge branch 'SPR-9970' into 3.2.x

    cbeams committed
    * SPR-9970:
      Avoid UnsupportedOperationEx. with active SecurityManager
  5. @cbeams
  6. @jhoeller

    Made EncodedResource based variant public; consistently detect XML pr…

    jhoeller committed
    …operties across all variants
    Issue: SPR-9078
  7. @jhoeller
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Change merge.into project dependencies to provided

    philwebb committed
    Change 'compile' dependencies to 'provided' for projects that are
    merged into other projects. This seems to prevent '-sources' and
    '-javadoc' jars from appearing on the classpath which can break
    javadoc generation.
  2. @jhoeller

    Final preparations for 3.2.1

    jhoeller committed
  3. @jhoeller


    jhoeller committed
  4. @jhoeller

    Removed pre-JDK-1.5 checks

    jhoeller committed
  5. @jhoeller

    ResourcePropertyResource accepts EncodedResource for properties files…

    jhoeller committed
    … with a specific encoding
    Also added constructor with Charset argument to EncodedResource.
    Issue: SPR-10096
  6. @jhoeller

    Updated resolvePath javadoc to reflect Environment-based placeholder …

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    Issue: SPR-9455
  7. @jhoeller

    DisposableBeanAdapter detects "shutdown" as a destroy method as well …

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    …(for EHCache CacheManager setup)
     Issue: SPR-9713
  8. @jhoeller

    Added further MySQL error code for DataIntegrityViolationException

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    Issue: SPR-9237
  9. @jhoeller

    ThreadPoolExecutorFactoryBean exposes "createExecutor" method for cus…

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    …tom ThreadPoolExecutor subclasses
    Issue: SPR-9435
  10. @jhoeller

    MBeanInfoAssembler impls expose actual method parameter names if poss…

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    Issue: SPR-9985
  11. @rstoyanchev
  12. @philwebb

    Allow nulls with multiple embedded value resolvers

    philwebb committed
    Allow an embedded value resolver added to an AbstractBeanFactory to
    return null without adversely effecting any subsequent resolvers.
    Issue: SPR-8565
  13. @rstoyanchev
  14. @sbrannen

    Update distribution README regarding paths

    sbrannen committed
    - Corrected path to 'docs/spring-framework-reference'
    - Minor formatting changes
  15. @sbrannen
  16. @sbrannen

    Polish Javadoc in TypeDescriptor

    sbrannen committed
    - fix @since version in array()
    - format method-level Javadoc
    - unescape HTML-escaped angle brackets with {@code} blocks
  17. @philwebb

    Consider primary attribute with getBean(Class)

    philwebb committed
    Update DefaultListableBeanFactory.getBean(Class<?> beanClass) to
    consider the 'primary' attribute of bean definitions. This makes
    getBean() behave in the same way as autowiring.
    Issue: SPR-7854
  18. @jhoeller

    Final preparations for 3.2.1

    jhoeller committed with unknown
  19. @jhoeller


    jhoeller committed with unknown
  20. @jhoeller

    Added "awaitTerminationSeconds" property to ThreadPoolTaskExecutor/Th…

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    Issue: SPR-5387
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @philwebb

    Allow TypeDescriptor array construction

    philwebb committed
    Add a static factory method that can be used to create an array
    TypeDescriptor with a specific element type. Allows array types
    with generic elements to be constructed.
    Issue: SPR-9792
  2. @rstoyanchev

    Raise exception on missing request parameters

    rstoyanchev committed
    Issue: SPR-10193
  3. @philwebb

    Test String to char[] conversion

    philwebb committed
    Issue: SPR-9793
  4. @philwebb

    Polish AbstractContextLoader Javadoc

    philwebb committed
    Fix unnecessary HTML escaping from {@code} Javadoc.
  5. @philwebb

    Filter build folder resources in eclipse

    philwebb committed
    Apply eclipse project 'filter' to hide generated build artifacts from
    the workspace.
  6. @jhoeller

    Introduced NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException as a dedicated subclass of…

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    … NoSuchBeanDefinitionException
    Issue: SPR-10194
  7. @jhoeller

    Aligned XML scheduled-task elements with @Scheduled in terms of kicki…

    jhoeller committed with unknown
    …ng in after context refresh
    Issue: SPR-9231
  8. @rstoyanchev

    Support sub-types of ResponseEntity

    rstoyanchev committed
    Issue: SPR-10207
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