[SPR-9375] - Supporting reading annotations from the class of the object. #106

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Hope this time is better.

Thanks for your support!

[SPR-9375]-Including the direct class of the object in the checking l…
…oop + adding a test for the case.

Signed-off-by: jose <naranja82@gmail.com>

cbeams commented Jul 12, 2012

Thanks Jose, please take a look again at the contributor guidelines, particularly with regard to:

  1. signing the SpringSource CLA and indicating that you have done so here in the pull request comment thread
  2. formatting of the commit comment
  3. submitting pull requests from a topic branch (e.g. named SPR-9375) as opposed to submitting from your master branch
  4. using your complete real name in Author: metadata (instead of the current value of jose <naranja82@gmail.com>)

Note that with the exception of 3, you do not need to create a new pull request to correct these issues, and don't worry about the branch name this time around.


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