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@snicoll snicoll released this Mar 31, 2019 · 3027 commits to master since this release

⭐️ New Features

  • Revisit XML schema handling for consistent local vs external resolution #22529
  • JdbcTemplate.extractOutputParameters should preserve order of parameters #22493
  • Avoid duplicate call to findAnnotations in DefaultListableBeanFactory.findAnnotationOnBean #22355

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Avoid duplicate registration of @ControllerAdvice implementing both RequestBodyAdvice and ResponseBodyAdvice #22684
  • Locale inconsistently resolves to null for invalid input value #22658
  • Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder's modulesToInstall function does not eventually override the default configuration #22625
  • Last-Modified Date format changed with SPR-17571 to not have double digit day #22611
  • ServletWebRequest.getHeaderValues throwing NPE when header information is not available #22550
  • Events extending from PayloadApplicationEvent and implementing an interface fail to match @EventListener argument #22470
  • AbstractTraceInterceptor causes problems when implemented in Kotlin #22456
  • DefaultConversionService fails to properly convert an Object[] to a int[] #22414
  • IllegalArgumentException when overriding empty 'excludeFilters' array on @ComponentScan #22407
  • RestTemplate adds duplicate accept header information [SPR-16690] #22401
  • @Transactional beans not getting proxied when being initialized during failed circular reference attempt #22377
  • ApplicationContext.refresh() causes stale listeners to be added to ApplicationEventMulticaster #22374
  • ApplicationListenerMethodAdapter does not find @Ordered annotation for dynamic proxies #22353

📔 Documentation

  • Update documentation for WebJar support #22615
  • Spring MVC documentation has incorrect WebFlux reference #22380
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