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@snicoll snicoll released this Mar 31, 2019 · 1545 commits to master since this release

⭐️ New Features

  • Improve exception handling when Hibernate-related bean creation fails #22689
  • STOMP servers MUST handle a STOMP frame in the same manner as a CONNECT frame #22652
  • Performance improvement in RequestMappingInfo #22598
  • Skip more classes when processing beans in EventListenerMethodProcessor #22564
  • Jackson2Tokenizer ignores USE_BIG_DECIMAL_FOR_FLOATS deserialization feature #22510
  • Revisit XML schema handling for consistent local vs external resolution #22504
  • JdbcTemplate.extractOutputParameters should preserve order of parameters #22491
  • Lazy Session initialisation for JmsTransactionManager #22468
  • MappingJackson2MessageConverter with Jackson Smile #22444
  • Cannot define custom XmlFactory with Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.xml() #22428
  • Directly registered FactoryBeans are instantiated more aggressively than those defined via @Bean methods #22409
  • Provide additional debug information for memory leaks via ByteBuf.touch [SPR-17427] #21960
  • Suppress Reactor Netty "disconnected client" exceptions the logs [SPR-17257] #21790

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • JdbcOperationsExtensions.queryForObject overload which takes in lambda - allow null value to be returned? #22682
  • Avoid duplicate registration of @ControllerAdvice implementing both RequestBodyAdvice and ResponseBodyAdvice #22638
  • Locale inconsistently resolves to null for invalid input value #22603
  • Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder's modulesToInstall function does not eventually override the default configuration #22576
  • ServletWebRequest.getHeaderValues throwing NPE when header information is not available #22547
  • Fix repeat DataBuffer#write(CharSequence, Charset) calls #22484
  • Last-Modified Date format changed with SPR-17571 to not have double digit day #22478
  • @RequestMapping content negotiation should not impact error responses formats #22452
  • AbstractTraceInterceptor causes problems when implemented in Kotlin #22435
  • Events extending from PayloadApplicationEvent and implementing an interface fail to match @EventListener argument #22426
  • ReflectUtils.defineClass() ignores the ClassLoader argument in Java 11 #22416
  • DefaultConversionService fails to properly convert an Object[] to a int[] #22410
  • Ensure indexer gracefully handle missing meta annotations #22385

📔 Documentation

  • Update documentation for WebJar support #22613
  • remove broken link "overview.html#background-ioc" in doc core.html #22597
  • PDF Documentation Spring-Core 5.1.5: Occurrences of a STRONG tag, where we should see a bold font #22577
  • Using MockMvc to test Flux endpoints? #22544
  • Documentation about aspectj and agent configuration is outdated and confusing #22429
  • Add guidelines about using checked exception with proxies in Kotlin #22412

🔨 Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to reactor-netty 0.8.6 for Webflux #22693

❤️ Contributors

We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

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