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@snicoll snicoll released this Aug 2, 2019 · 1263 commits to master since this release

⭐️ New Features

  • WebClient's retrieve doesn't support custom HTTP status code #23367
  • Can't wrap a ClientResponse with a custom status code in a builder #23366
  • Javadoc missing on some public BeanDefinitionParserDelegate methods #23349
  • In contrast to the Javadoc, ServerHttpRequest.Builder implementation does not override headers #23333
  • Hibernate Query.list() is not included in SharedEntityManagerCreator.queryTerminatingMethods set, causing database connection not to be unreleased when query is proxied #23248
  • Exception while WebClient onStatus handler is applied leads to ByteBuf leak #23230
  • Error signal not propagated if writeFunction in ChannelSendOperator fails immediately #23175
  • PathPatternParser does not allow any non-Java characters in variables like "-" #23101

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • MethodParameter.equals is too coarse-grained for its use in HandlerMethodArgumentResolverComposite #23352
  • Session.close() accidentally triggers creation of TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy Connection #23346
  • Inconsistent use of getInterfaceMethodIfPossible for init method invocation #23323
  • ResolvableType.forRawClass fails isAssignable against TypeVariable #23321
  • ForwardedHeaderTransformer preserves escape sequences when applying X-Forwarded-Prefix #23305
  • Accept header with trailing comma produces HTTP "406 Not Acceptable" #23241
  • FlashMapManager throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for empty target URL path #23240
  • SpEL ReflectivePropertyAccessor: ConversionService missing annotations on concrete implementations #23210
  • Defensively register ReactiveReturnValueHandler for messaging methods #23207
  • Raise log level when bean destruction fails #23200
  • New OncePerRequestFilter behavior breaks RequestContextFilter on Jetty after sendError #23196
  • SpringValidatorAdapter's ObjectError subclass is not Serializable #23181
  • WebSocketHttpRequestHandler not writing headers after interceptor returns false #23179
  • Reliable detection of user change from interceptor in StompSubProtocolHandler #23160
  • Fixes issue with optional @RequestPart Mono argument being resolved to null instead of Mono.empty #23070

📔 Documentation

  • Add Javadoc since for Jaxb2XmlDecoder(MimeType...) #23353
  • Fix typo in webflux.adoc #23329
  • Clarify use of MultipartBodyBuilder with RestTemplate #23295
  • Improve documentation for @Autowired constructors #23263
  • AbstractCacheManager.getCache() breaks contract of CacheManager.getCache() #23193
  • PriorityOrdered Javadoc is misleading #23187
  • Document that Ordered is not supported for @ControllerAdvice beans #23172
  • Fix Jackson documentation broken links #23153
  • Document how to specify Jackson JSON view serialization hints #23150
  • HtmlUtils Javadoc refers to deprecated Apache Commons Lang #23122
  • Docs for Spring MVC Test should cover async requests [SPR-15099] #19666

❤️ Contributors

We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

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