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Latest commit 58756b0 Andy Clement Ensure cast correctly included for OpPlus compilation
When the plus operator is used between strings in a SpEL
expression and that expression is compiled, it is
important to include a cast if computation of any of
the operands isn't obviously leaving strings on the
stack. Likewise if the stack contents are known to
be strings, a cast should not be included.

Issue: SPR-12426
Failed to load latest commit information.
.settings/gradle Remove spring-asm and inline ASM 4 into spring-core
buildSrc/src/main Fix maven dependency scope conflicts in MergePlugin
gradle Upgrade to Gradle 2.5
spring-aop/src ASM ClassWriter uses application ClassLoader for its getCommonSuperCl…
spring-aspects Allow null values to be cached with `@CacheResult`
spring-beans-groovy/src/main Class identity comparisons wherever possible
spring-beans/src ASM ClassWriter uses application ClassLoader for its getCommonSuperCl…
spring-context-support/src Add cache tests for JCache
spring-context DateTimeFormatterRegistrar supports Duration and Period as well
spring-core/src ASM ClassWriter uses application ClassLoader for its getCommonSuperCl…
spring-expression Ensure cast correctly included for OpPlus compilation
spring-framework-bom Add link to docs
spring-instrument-tomcat/src TomcatInstrumentableClassLoader supports Tomcat 7.0.63+ as well
spring-instrument/src Harmonize log configuration
spring-jdbc/src Polishing
spring-jms/src Fix broken Javadoc related to `<` and `>`
spring-messaging/src SimpAnnotationMethodMessageHandler skips template variable check in c…
spring-orm-hibernate4/src Suppress warnings in tests in spring-orm-hibernate4
spring-orm-hibernate5/src/main/java/org/springframework/orm/hibernate5 HibernateJpaDialect logs warning in case of Connection mismatch (e.g.…
spring-orm/src Extended default collection size for common per-bean caches
spring-oxm Fix broken Javadoc related to `<` and `>`
spring-test Add cache tests for JCache
spring-tx/src Fix broken Javadoc related to `<` and `>`
spring-web/src Flush of underlying response in ContentCachingResponseWrapper
spring-webmvc-portlet/src Consistent warn logging without stacktrace in Portlet HandlerExceptio…
spring-webmvc-tiles2/src Suppress warnings in tests
spring-webmvc/src Fix inputstream reading for HTTP range requests
spring-websocket/src Polishing
src Add link in jsp tag library
.gitignore Add .gradletasknamecache to .gitignore
.mailmap Change to
CONTRIBUTING-DOCUMENTATION.adoc Hard-wrap CONTRIBUTING-DOCUMENTATION at 90 chars SpringSource CLA renamed to Spring ICLA Remove link to forums in README
build.gradle Upgrade to HtmlUnit 2.19 Next Development Version
gradlew Replace MaxPermSize use in build scripts
gradlew.bat Upgrade to Gradle 1.8 and propdeps 0.0.5
import-into-eclipse.bat Fixed URLs in import-into-eclipse scripts Update Eclipse project import script Update IDEA guidelines
settings.gradle Support for Hibernate ORM 5.0 Beta 2

Spring Framework

The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications -- on any kind of deployment platform. A key element of Spring is infrastructural support at the application level: Spring focuses on the "plumbing" of enterprise applications so that teams can focus on application-level business logic, without unnecessary ties to specific deployment environments.

The framework also serves as the foundation for Spring Integration, Spring Batch and the rest of the Spring family of projects. Browse the repositories under the Spring organization on GitHub for a full list.

Downloading Artifacts

See downloading Spring artifacts for Maven repository information. Unable to use Maven or other transitive dependency management tools? See building a distribution with dependencies.


See the current Javadoc and reference docs.

Getting Support

Check out the spring tags on Stack Overflow. Commercial support is available too.

Issue Tracking

Report issues via the Spring Framework JIRA. Understand our issue management process by reading about the lifecycle of an issue. Think you've found a bug? Please consider submitting a reproduction project via the spring-framework-issues GitHub repository. The readme there provides simple step-by-step instructions.

Building from Source

The Spring Framework uses a Gradle-based build system. In the instructions below, ./gradlew is invoked from the root of the source tree and serves as a cross-platform, self-contained bootstrap mechanism for the build.


Git and JDK 8 update 20 or later

Be sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the jdk1.8.0 folder extracted from the JDK download.

Check out sources

git clone

Import sources into your IDE

Run ./ or read as appropriate.

Note: Per the prerequisites above, ensure that you have JDK 8 configured properly in your IDE.

Install all spring-* jars into your local Maven cache

./gradlew install

Compile and test; build all jars, distribution zips, and docs

./gradlew build

... and discover more commands with ./gradlew tasks. See also the Gradle build and release FAQ.


Pull requests are welcome; see the contributor guidelines for details.

Staying in Touch

Follow @SpringCentral as well as @SpringFramework and its team members on Twitter. In-depth articles can be found at The Spring Blog, and releases are announced via our news feed.


The Spring Framework is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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