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Spring Yarn Multi Context Example

This example demonstrates the use of Spring Yarn functionality to launch a simple application with multiple containers.

To test this example:

	# gradlew clean :yarn-examples-common:yarn-examples-multi-context:build

To run this example against local Hadoop cluster:

	# gradlew -q run-yarn-examples-multi-context

To run this example against remote Hadoop cluster:

	# gradlew -q run-yarn-examples-multi-context -Dhd.fs=hdfs:// -Dhd.rm= -Dlocalresources.remote=hdfs://


This example demonstrates how a simple custom container can be created. Example launches 4 containers and each container will simply log "Hello from MultiContextContainer" and exit.

Quick Instructions

This quick command set assumes local hadoop cluster with default settings.

	# gradlew :yarn-examples-common:yarn-examples-multi-context:build -x test
	# hdfs dfs -rm -R /app /lib
	# hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /app/multi-context /lib
	# hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal yarn/multi-context/build/libs/* /app/multi-context
	# hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal yarn/multi-context/build/dependency-libs/* /lib
	# gradlew -q run-yarn-examples-multi-context