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Spring HATEOAS Examples

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This repository contains example projects to interact with Spring HATEOAS.

  • Learn how to interact with a Spring HATEOAS-powered app, from inside as well as the command line.

  • See how to upgrade a REST resource without having to create new media types, version URIs, etc.

We have separate folders for each of these:

Spring HATEOAS Modules

  • Basics - Poke and prod at a hypermedia-powered service from inside the code as well as externally using standard tools

  • Simplified - Use Spring HATEOAS in the simplest way possible.

  • API Evolution - Upgrade an existing REST resource

  • Hypermedia - Create hypermedia-driven REST resources, linking them together, and supporting older links.

  • Affordances - Create richer hypermedia controls using more complex hypermedia formats

  • Spring HATEOAS + Spring Data REST - How to stir in custom links and logic with a Spring Data REST-based app

The main branch tracks Spring HATEOAS 1.0, based upon Spring Boot 2 + Spring Framework 5. To see examples depicted against the 0.x branch (Spring 4.x) visit the 0.x branch.


The Spring HATEOAS community has its own contributions when it comes to examples of building hypermedia.

  • Siren HATEOAS Examples - The maintainer of the Siren extension of Spring HATEOAS has an extra set of examples.