Collection of examples on how to build hypermedia-driven apps with Spring HATEOAS
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Spring HATEOAS Examples

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This repository contains example projects to interact with Spring HATEOAS.

  • Learn how to interact with a Spring HATEOAS-powered app, from inside as well as the command line.

  • See how to upgrade a REST resource without having to create new mediatypes, version URIs, etc.

We have separate folders for each of these:

Spring HATEOAS Modules

  • Basics - Poke and prod at a hypermedia-powered service from inside the code as well as externally using standard tools

  • Simplified - Use Spring HATEOAS in the simplest way possible.

  • API Evolution - Upgrade an existing REST resource

  • Hypermedia - Create hypermedia-driven REST resources, linking them together, and supporting older links.

  • Affordances - Create richer hypermedia controls using more complex hypermedia formats

The master branch tracks Spring HATEOAS 1.0, based upon Spring Boot 2 + Spring Framework 5. To see examples depicted against the 0.x branch (Spring 4.x) visit the 0.x branch.