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Community Plugin Repository for Insight Developer and Insight Operations

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What is Insight Developer Edition?

Insight is a VMware® Web application that gives you real-time visibility into application behavior and performance at the code-level. Released as part of vFabric and AppInsight.

  • Insight DevEdition answers the question: “What just happened?”
  • Insight Operations answers the question: “How does my code perform in production?”

See more at

Download Insight Developer Edition

Download Insight Developer Edition from here

Installing and Using Plugins

Plugins for different versions of Insight can be downloaded from:

Plugins must be copied into the “insight/collection-plugins” directory of an Insight Developer Edition and Insight Dashboard/Agent.

Creating a Plugin

  • Clone this code git clone
  • Develop your plugin, using the other plugins as examples, or insight [at] vmware [dot] org for advice
  • Make pull request!


Requirements for a Plugin

  • Must be licensed under ASL 2.0
  • Contributor Agreement must be signed at:
    • Email us the verification number and (Ideally) sign and scan the pdf
  • Must have unit tests for aspects ( we have helper classes for this )
  • Must include a README.textfile
  • Must include a screenshot of the plugin in action
  • Nice to Have: some tests for the FreeMarker template
  • Nice to Have: should provide a sample webapp so we can easily start testing the plugin


insight [at] vmware [dot] com