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spring-cloud unit tests

latest commit 3240e4b8af
Dave Tillman authored
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akka Reformat Code
axon Reformat Code
cassandra For external resources, use clustername for host value
cassandra12 Move old cassandra to cassandra12, add new cassandra plugin
eclipse-persistence Reformat Code
ehcache Reformat Code
ejb3 Reformat Code
files-tracker Reformat Code
gemfire-light Reformat Code
gemfire Reformat Code
grails Reformat Code
hadoop Reformat Code
hibernate Reformat Code
httpclient3 Sanitize URI
httpclient4 Sanitize URI
jax-rs Add endpoint analyzer for incoming JMS
jcr Reformat Code
jdbc Updates for external resources, and better spring-cloud support
jms Add endpoint analyzer for incoming JMS
jmx Reformat Code
jndi Reformat Code
jpa Reformat Code
jta Reformat Code
jws Reformat Code
ldap Reformat Code
logging Reformat Code
mail Changes needed for unit tests to pass after ng-dashboard commit
mongodb Change ExternalResourceType from Database to DocStore
portlet Update Spring version
quartz Update quartz version
rabbitmq-client Plugin changes for distributed trace linking
redis Change Redis ExternalResourceType to KVSTORE
rmi Reformat Code
run-exec Reformat Code
servlet Change Lifecycle label to "App Lifecycle"
socket Reformat Code
spring-batch Update spring-batch version
spring-cloud spring-cloud unit tests
spring-core Reformat Code
spring-data Remove persistence dependency.
spring-integration Dependency updates, spring-integration4
spring-integration2 Dependency updates, spring-integration4
spring-neo4j Spring Neo4j plugin updates for external services exposure
spring-security Reformat Code
spring-tx Reformat Code
spring-web Sanitize URI
spring-webflow Reformat Code
struts2 Reformat Code
tomcat Reformat Code
pom.xml Move old cassandra to cassandra12, add new cassandra plugin
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