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Welcome to Spring Integration Scala DSL

Current Release is 1.0.0.M2 and is available from this repository

Currently available modules are:

  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-core
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-file
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-ftp
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-gemfire
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-http
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-integration-demos
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-jms
  • spring-integration-dsl-scala-sftp

A quick glimpse

val messageFlow =
      filter {payload: String => payload == "World"} -->
      transform { payload: String => "Hello " + payload} -->
      handle { payload: String => println(payload) }


The output should be:

Hello World

Provide the value other than "World" to the 'send(..)' method and the Message will be discarded by the filter


Getting Started

DSL Reference

Development and Contributions



The Spring Integration Scala DSL project is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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