Current Roadmap

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The Milestone 1 (current release) is mainly to gather initial community feedback and reaction. It consists of initial support for Core EIP Messaging Patterns (e.g., Service Activator, Transformer, Filter, Router etc.) as well as few Inbound and Outbound adapters (HTTP and JMS)

In Milestone 2 (target date June, 5 2012) we will of course provide more enhancements to the existing functionality as well as address bug fixes based community feedback. We will concentrate on further extending DSL support to interface with the rest of the core adapters supported by Spring Integration (i.e., FTP/SFTP, MAIL, AMQP, etc.). And we will provide initial support and examples of how Spring Integration Scala DSL inter-operates with Java since one of the goals of the DSL is to provide an alternative to XML style configuration where Java developers could still benefit from Scala while relying on the existing investments in Java.

In Milestone 3 we will mainly concentrate on provide initial support for [Akka] (

After that we plan to have several Release Candidates targetting 1.0.0.RELEASE somewhere around Q3 of 2012

You can get more details as well as influence the Road Map by following Spring Integration Scala JIRA where you can provide suggestions as well as request features and improvements

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