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Spring Integration Kotlin DSL

This project is a Kotlin extension for Spring Integration Java DSL.

The project should be treated as experimental and API is a subject to changes.

The main goal we pursue here is to make Spring Integration development on Kotlin as smooth and straightforward as is it possible with interoperability with existing Java DSL and some Kotlin extensions or language-specific structures.

All you need to get started is just an import for org.springframework.integration.dsl.integrationFlow - an overloaded global function for Kotlin DSL.

For IntegrationFlow definitions as lambdas we typically don’t need anything else from Kotlin and just declare a bean like this:

fun oddFlow() =
IntegrationFlow { flow ->
    flow.handle<Any> { _, _ -> "odd" }

In this case Kotlin understands that the lambda should be translated into IntegrationFlow anonymous instance and target Java DSL processor parses this construction properly into Java objects.

As an alternative to the construction above and for consistency with use-cases explained below, this project suggest a Kotlin-specif DSL for declaring integration flows in the builder pattern style:

fun flowLambda() =
    integrationFlow {
        filter<String>({ it === "test" })
                integrationFlow {
                    handle { m -> println(m.payload) }
        transform<String, String>({ it.toUpperCase() })

Such a global integrationFlow() function expects a @BuilderInference for a KotlinIntegrationFlowDefinition (a Kotlin extension for the BaseIntegrationFlowDefinition with some inline function for reified generic types) and produces a regular IntegrationFlow lambda implementation. See more overloaded integrationFlow() variants below.

Many other scenarios require an IntegrationFlow to be started from source of data (e.g. JdbcPollingChannelAdapter, JmsInboundGateway or just an existing MessageChannel). For this purpose Spring Integration Java DSL provides an IntegrationFlows factory with its bunch of overloaded from() methods. This factory can be used in Kotlin as well:

fun flowFromSupplier() =
         IntegrationFlows.from<String>({ "bar" }) { e -> e.poller { p -> p.fixedDelay(10).maxMessagesPerPoll(1) } }
                 .channel { c -> c.queue("fromSupplierQueue") }

But unfortunately not all from() methods are compatible with Kotlin structures. To fix a gap, this project provides a Kotlin DSL around an IntegrationFlows factory. It is done as a set of overloaded integrationFlow() functions. With a consumer for a KotlinIntegrationFlowDefinition to declare the rest of the flow as an IntegrationFlow lambda to reuse the mentioned above experience and also avoid get() call in the end. For example:

fun functionFlow() =
        integrationFlow<Function<String, String>>({ it.beanName("functionGateway") }) {
            transform<String, String> { it.toUpperCase() }

fun messageSourceFlow() =
        integrationFlow(MessageProcessorMessageSource { "testSource" },
                { it.poller { it.fixedDelay(10).maxMessagesPerPoll(1) } }) {
            channel { c -> c.queue("fromSupplierQueue") }

In addition this project provides Kotlin extensions for Java DSL API which needs some refinement for Kotlin structures. For example IntegrationFlowDefinition<*> requires a reifying for many methods with Class<P> argument:

fun convertFlow() =
    integrationFlow("convertFlowInput") {
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