How to Create New Components

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In order to simplify the process of writing custom components for Spring Integration, we provide a dedicated Adapter Template for SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). This template is part of the Spring Integation Templates project.

The Spring Integration Adapter Template creates a fully functional Spring Integration Module. The template will create the following commonly used components:

  • inbound-channel-adapter
  • outbound-channel-adapter
  • outbound-gateway

However, even if you create other types of components, this template should give you valuable insights on how to develop those. This template also provides examples on how to provide XML Namespace support, develop the necessary namespace parser classes etc.


In order to use the latest templates you will need to use STS version 3.0.0.M3 or higher. You can download STS from here.

As Spring Integration uses Gradle as its build tool, we generally recommend it also for creating your own templates. As such, the provided Spring Integration Adapter Template uses Gradle as well. Therefore, please make sure that your installation of STS has the Gradle support installed.

Create a Template

  1. Go File --> New --> Spring Template Project
  2. The Template Selection screen will appear
  3. Select Integration --> Spring Integration Adapter Template Project
  4. Press Next
  5. Fill out the details of your project
  6. Press Finish

Building a Template

The created template should build successfully from within STS or by executing:

./gradlew build

You will see many more available commands with ./gradlew tasks.