FTP Samples


This example demonstrates the following aspects of the FTP support available with Spring Integration:

  1. Transfer local files via the FTP Outbound Channel Adapter to a remote directory
  2. Poll for remote files using the FTP Inbound Channel Adapter
  3. Execute explicit FTP command (LS, RM) in order to retrieve a remote file listing and to subsequently delete those files.


The samples work out of the box using an embedded Apache FTP Server. Simply execute:

$ gradlew :ftp:run

and the samples are build as well as executed. The samples are part of a JUnit test suite:

which comprises the following tests that correspond to the scenarios outlined above:

  • org.springframework.integration.samples.ftp.FtpOutboundChannelAdapterSample.class,
  • org.springframework.integration.samples.ftp.FtpInboundChannelAdapterSample.class,
  • org.springframework.integration.samples.ftp.FtpOutboundGatewaySample.class

Keep in mind that the tests are meant to be executed in sequence.

The Scenarios

Outbound Channel Adapter

This sample will take 2 local files

  1. a.txt
  2. b.txt

and transfer them to a remote directory '/'.

Inbound Channel Adapter

This test will use the 2 files previously uploaded. Using an Inbound Channel Adapter, the test will poll the remote (Root) directory that will contain 2 files. The adapter will attempt to transfer them to a local directory, which will be generated. Once copied, the files will be sent as a payload of the message to a channel. We are using a file filter, transferring only files that end with 'txt'. The remote files are not deleted.

Outbound Gateway

The last test will re-use the 2 files that are still on the remote FTP server. This test will retrieve and removes them through explicit FTP commands (ls and rm).