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Spring Integration - JDBC Sample


This sample provides example of how the JDBC Adapters can be used. The example presented covers the following use cases

  • Find a Person detail from the database based on the name provided
  • Create a new Person record in the table

The first example demonstrates the use of Outbound Gateway to search for a person record using Spring Integration's JDBC Outbound Gateway.

The second example on other hand demonstrates how the JDBC Outbound Gateway can be used to create a new Person record and then return the newly created Person record. This example demonstrates how to make use of the sql parameter source factory to extract the required values to be inserted/updated/selected in the query provided.

Getting Started

You can run the application by either

  • running the "Main" class from within STS (Right-click on Main class --> Run As --> Java Application)
  • or from the command line:

    $ gradlew :jdbc:run

Make an appropriate choice for searching a Person or creating a Person.

For creating the person record, select the appropriate steps as prompted by the application.

On creation of Person records, you may choose the option of selecting the created person records and view their details.


We use the outbound gateway to insert records in a Person table based on the values contained in the message payload that is received over the channel to the adapter.

The following are used to configure the Gateway:

  • The request and reply channels
  • The data source for the database
  • The the update/insert statement to be executed.
  • Optional request SQL Parameter source factory
  • The select query to be executed after the insert is done
  • Optional reply SQL Parameter source factory
  • RowMapper if you intend to map the ResultSet to your custom object

The following sequence of events happen when we invoke the createPerson method on the Gateway:

  • The parameter of type Person is sent as a payload of a message over the reply-channel
  • The outbound gateway reads this message and extracts the payload
  • It then executes the given insert statement, the values to be inserted are derived from the payload request-sql-parameter-source-factory provided is used to generate a parameter source.
  • Since we expect an identity column to be generated, keys-generated is set to true
  • The result of the insert is then use to create a reply sql parameter source, the factory reply-sql-parameter-source-factory generates the required parameter source
  • The select query provided is executed
  • The ResultMapper is used to convert this ResultSet to a Person object
  • The Person object is then sent as a payload of the Message over the reply channel.
  • The Person payload is extracted from the Message and returned to the calling application.

Running the Sample

For executing the program and see the results, execute the junit test case org.springframework.integration.samples.jdbc.OutboundGatewayTest


For help please take a look at the Spring Integration documentation: