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WS Outbound Gateway Sample

This example demonstrates the following aspects of the Web Services (WS) support available with Spring Integration:

  1. WS Outbound Gateway
  2. Content Enricher
  3. Composed Message Processor

A very simple example that show you how easy it is to invoke a service based on the [Simple Object Access Protocol] using Spring Integration.

  • A Message is sent to a Channel, where it is retrieved by a Chain which consists of a Header Enricher and a WS Outbound Gateway.
  • The Header Enricher enriches the Message with the SOAP action header.
  • The WS Outbound Gateway converts the Message to a SOAP request and sends it to a remote service, which converts a temperature from Fahrenheit (90F) to Celsius (32.2C) and the result is printed to the console:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><FahrenheitToCelsiusResponse xmlns=""><FahrenheitToCelsiusResult>32.2222222222222</FahrenheitToCelsiusResult></FahrenheitToCelsiusResponse>````

## Running the Sample

To run the sample simply execute **WebServiceDemoTestApp** in package **. 
You can also execute that class using the [Gradle Application Plugin](

    $ gradlew :ws-outbound-gateway:run

[Simple Object Access Protocol]: