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XMPP Sample

This example was prepared for testing with Google Talk and demonstrates the following aspects of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) support available with Spring Integration:

  1. XMPP Inbound Channel Adapter - receive instant messages.
  2. XMPP Outboud Channel Adapter - send instant messages.

In order to run this sample you need to provide correct values in xmpp.properties. Everything there was already preset. The only 3 properties you need to provide values for are:

  • user.login
  • user.password
  • send.to.user

You'll also need to test it with your friend or have two Google accounts setup.

To test SendInstantMessageSample.java, first log on to the account identified via send.to.user property and make sure that that account is in your buddy list. Then run the demo. To test ReceiveInstantMessageSample.java, first log on to the account identified via send.to.user property. Then run the demo. Now any instant messages sent to your account appear in the console.