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Latest commit 68976a8 @kasoban kasoban committed with artembilan Add specific slf4j-api version dependency
When just importing the ftp example as a maven project, I ran into the issue of a slf4j version discrepancy described here:

This is solved by adding the specific version dependency of `slf4j-api`.

* Add the specific `slf4j-api` dependency to the Gradle script
* Change the dependency scope for `slf4j-` impl to the `runtime`.
* Regenerate POMs

Intermediate Samples

This category targets developers who are already familiar with the Spring Integration framework (past getting started), but need some more guidance while resolving more advanced technical problems that they have to deal with once having switched to a Messaging architecture.

For example; If you are looking for an answer on how to handle errors in various scenarios or how to properly configure the Aggregator for the situations where some messages might not ever arrive for aggregation etc., and any other issue that goes beyond a basic understanding and configuration of a particular component and addresses "what else you can do with it" type of problem, this would be the right place to find these type of samples.

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