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Spring Integration STS Templates

This project provides various project templates for SpringSource Tool Suite™ (STS).


Starting with Spring Integration STS Template 1.0.0.M4, we rely on the template support provided by STS 3.0.0.M3 and later. The simplifications allowed us to significantly simplify the development and build process for the templates.

How to build the project

In order to build the entire project run:

$ mvn clean package

This will result in 5 artifacts being created under target/out:

  • descriptor.xml

In order to deploy to STS for development you have 2 options:

Use the Self-Hosted Templates feature in STS

This approach is Best for Development.

  1. In STS - Go to Preferences... --> Spring --> Template Projects
  2. Mark the checkbox Show self-hosted templates in New Template Wizard
  3. Import the individual template projects into STS, they will be immediately available as templates

Tell STS to use the descriptor.xml file (Best for hosting your )

This approach is Best for Deploying your own templates.

  1. In STS - Go to Preferences... --> Spring --> Template Projects
  2. Press the Add Button
  3. Enter the URL that points to the descriptor.xml (Currently only HTTP addresses are supported, local file support will be available soon - see: STS-2666)

Important 1

A few files in the template project require absolute URLs. By default the pom is setup to use:


Therefore, if you prefer a custom base location (e.g.:, then you must set the base.location property such as:

$ mvn package -Dbase.location=

Important 2

Templates are locally cached under your_workspace/.metadata/.sts/content/. At times during development you may need to delete the templates there for various reasons...