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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Jul 30, 2018 · 723 commits to master since this release

Change log:

3896acb Fix memory leak in MHistorConfig & MBeanExpHelper (#2531)
169eb74 Fix imports in tests for moved classes
1014258 INT-4513: Clean IntManageConf from removed beans
c50a135 INT-4514: Integration Graph, include dynamic flows
b47c0de INT-4512: Add more JMS options for DSL builders
7e8991a INT-4510: Test no memory leak in FluxMessageCh
3f66e1e Upgrade to Security 5.0.7 and Data Kay SR9
663984a INT-4509: Fix memory leak for static beans stores
d4cf440 Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.0.8
2709bc1 Upgrade to the latest Kotlin
5cbc622 Upgrade to Spring WS 3.0.2
4ddf423 Upgrade to Gradle 4.9; fix RotatingServersTests
c216f97 INT-4506: Splitter: close stream and Closeables
8101c1b INT-4505: Fix package tangle
26bc248 INT-4503: Fix assertion in HttpMessageHandlerSpec
0635c25 Upgrade Micrometer to 1.0.6
898404e Fix race condition in test
a99f446 INT-4501: Don't call getBean from BPP.setBFactory
34c454b Remove max-rows from Stored Proc-in-ch-ad Docs
7c9697b INT-4500: Fix DefAmqpHeaderMapper correlationId
4b1d179 Fix IntComponentSpec for ctx hooks
2126e9b INT-4499: Add JdbcMetadataStore.setLockHint()
bf1b600 INT-4490: DefaultLockRepo: no uppercase format
6b8a005 Fix ThreadAffinityClientConnectionFactory
535c753 INT-4498: SFTP: Close privateKey resource
9fa1c7d INT-4498: StreamUtils -> FileCopyUtils
2fbb443 Fix import in the FtpStreamingMessageSourceTests
7ea4192 Close file resource after (S)FTP streaming tests
26cd645 INT-4495: (S)FTP: fix max-fetch with directories
c1dd618 RotatingSTests: Don't delete files between polls
bb174d4 Fix RotatingServersTestsfor proper import
9f937f5 INT-4491: (S)FTP inbound rotate dirs/servers
170cc37 INT-3916: ZK: Fix missing doc update
493b4aa INT-4493: ZK MStore binary compatiblity
67fdac8 INT-4489: MessageHistory: Allow runtime beans
7b0795e Another asciidoc fix
754885b Add hack for Atom asciidoc syntax highlighting bug

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