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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Aug 5, 2019 · 293 commits to master since this release

Change log:

82852ef Upgrade to Spring Data Lovelace SR10
b618f08 Upgrade SF, Spring AMQP versions
063432c Build against Spring snapshots
b74c32f Upgrade Lettuce, AssertJ/K versions
68a2f01 Fix javadoc (previous commit)
38e591f fix JavaDoc code snippet on PayloadMatcher
e5fadc3 Fix nullability issue in queuechannel (#3012)
be671a4 GH-2999: Fix assertJ usage in test (backport)
9ab1fc8 GH-2999: Fix TimeoutCountSeqSizeReleaseStrategy
1e38ff7 Clear lock cache in NioFileLocker (#2998)
e161f64 GH-2987: Add HTTPS entries into spring.schemas
cdc8ac0 Fix race condition around Redis key
c64dcc1 Fix Redis components for JDK deserialization
a75efd3 GH-2974: Fix race in TcpNetConnection.getPayload()
68dfbbe Fix HttpHeaderMapper to support MimeType
eea5089 Fix SmartLifecycle.stop(Runnable) usage (#2973)
02564e6 GH-2967: Fix backport assert message
46ae25d GH-2967: Fix ScatterGatherH for headers copy (#2968)

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