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@artembilan artembilan released this Apr 15, 2019 · 54 commits to master since this release

Change log:

cdf0c5c Upgrade to Gradle 5.3.1, Kotlin-1.3.30
735e82e Add support for CacheRequestHandlerAdvice
36581bf Upgrade to Spring Security 5.2 M2
38fc85a Optimize DefaultSftpSessionFactory (#2896)
0ad731d Use random port in RmiInboundGatewayParserTests
17bd68c Downgrade H2 to 1.4.197
17b1c76 Increase destroy wait timeout for JdbcLockRLITests
bf21128 GH-2792: HEnrichSpec: Add hooks for common headers (#2895)
e3e11a6 Clean up more schema before JDBC tests
06d3213 Upgrade dependencies
9876fae Fix AbstConfMongoDbMS.NOT_IMPLEMENTED modifiers
d047d28 Fix new Sonar smells
a49b04e Upgrade to SF-5.2 M1 & SA-2.2 M1; Checkstyle 8.19
a40f20f Resolve new tangles
6c3ffcb GH-2803: Deprecate legacy metrics
43d03c3 Increase test receive timeouts
c05876e INT-4299: Add AbstractMailReceiver.autoCloseFolder (#2887)
dc88bb4 Drop H2 schema before JDBC tests
8aef55f Fix race condition around sharedJschSession
818be4c GH-2765: Add discardChannel for splitter (#2883)
7fa1161 Fix tests according new test events model in SF
7b3dd2b Fix EventInChAParserTests don't emit test events
063759d GH-2754: Add channel-based mapping to RouterSpec
ad7ccb3 GH-2884: RedisUtils improvements
cff67cc Fix complexity for DefaultHttpHeaderMapper (#2881)
2e2b49a GH-2872: Parse all the multi-part files (#2878)
cb5d7f6 Fix If-Unmodified-Since header mapping
23a73fa GH-2873: Preserve mapping order in the router (#2877)
3fc2786 Fix HttpProxyScenarioTests for proper date format
cb53861 GH-2874: Syslog - copy IpHeaders to message
d2853be Fix new Sonar smells in TCP module; polishing
5e39082 Align dependencies with Boot
d944752 Fix RedisUtils.isUnlinkAvailable() for NPE
ae2be1b Fix deprecations according latest SF
62f576b Fix new Sonar smells for TcpNioServerConnFactory
9428e34 GH-2837: TCP NIO Prioritize accept
56c4458 Fix deprecations according latest SF
572dc0e Short-circuit methods for lambdas from annotation (#2823)
a599881 Fix typo in reference
872302d Add -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 into
d21e8f0 URL Cleanup
20e8f0a Fix HTTP urls to HTTPS
0ce6216 Fix typo in exception message
c9e5f99 Fix tests according HTTPS for origin urls
fd30d1b URL Cleanup
8380346 GH-2820: Close session in FtpRemFileTempl.exists
5b84936 Fix new Sonar smells
5421574 Support generics in the JsonToObjectTransformer (#2819)
8f86ef9 Fix Sonar smells for HTTP & WebFlux modules (#2810)
3751505 GH-2806: Add generics support to HTTP Inbound
921c797 Fix new Sonar Smells
9cf52b7 Fix double MBean registrations
9883b65 INT-2277: Register ChResolver & ErrHandler beans (#2805)
14c6742 Fix compatibility with the latest SD MongoDB
d53433c GH-2690: Add MessageHandlerMethodFactory beans (#2798)
0b3e2c9 Fix Sonar Smells for AmqpOutEndpoint & MessPubEH
5245eff GH-2797: AMQP: Add confirm-timeout
e13aa28 Fix smells for AnnGatePFB & MessagePubErrHandler
626ba7a GH-2799: Fix AnnGateProxyFB for empty errChannel
b4273dd Fix new Sonar smells for MMIH (#2795)
7f806bd Fix RedisAvailableRule
78199dc Avoid throws Exception where possible - Phase III
b138ab8 Avoid throws Exception where possible - Phase II
3d87ac6 Polishing pollable channels around meters
7efb14c GH-2753: Remove Guava dependency
b187bca Avoid throws Exception where possible - Phase I
005bc80 Fix MMIHelper for reinitialization (#2786)
3006e58 INT-3459: Log exceptions in case of failOver (#2790)
efea8eb Fix new Sonar issues
a113099 Fix RateLimiter test to depend on the permission
e921628 INT-4497: Add RateLimiterRequestHandlerAdvice (#2781)
e32f877 URL Cleanup
931df86 GH-2777: Remote File Filter Improvements
bb62cb8 Fix race in TcpOutboundGatewayTests
200f3b3 GH-2780: ByteArrayLengthHeaderSerializer.inclusive
20fde27 Add @DirtiesContext to active tests
a167290 GH-2776: Fix Streaming Remote File MessageSource
23843c7 Avoid Race in FtpStreamingMessageSourceTests
3657d05 Defer Messaging annotations process (#2769)
4365eae GH-2770: AbstractMessageSource EvaluationContext
d2e974a Fix new Sonar smells (#2768)
f741724 INT-4561: deprecate Boon JSON processor support
4f34d92 INT-4573: Fix logic in the OperationInvokingMH
0ce6d1c Restore Sonar to 2.7
10637db Revert Sonar to 2.6.2
aa07543 INT-4559: JDBC Gateway: return List for maxRows>1
1d54f96 GH-2760: use assertThatExceptionOfType in tests
82ecd5a GH-2749: Deprecate ChannelInterceptorAware (#2751)
d6ac866 GH-2759: Fix CorrelationData.future
221393e MessageHandlingException consistency
9c84ece Optimize updateCopyrights, checkTestConfigs tasks
7e3b569 Fix XSDs for actual core schema version
622d42c Migrate tests to AssertJ
b62c2a8 Update docs for message routers so that they compile
f15a4c4 EnableIntegrationTests: increase receive timers
c6965b2 Fix typo in MQTT doc
baf1b97 GH-2752: RequestMapping: react only for our event
9e238f5 Upgrades and doc fixes
520ebbb Move master to 5.2

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