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@artembilan artembilan released this May 13, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

Change log:

3b57713 Upgrade dependencies, Gradle; prepare for release
cea47f7 Upgrade versions for 5.2.0.M2
30750f5 Polishing for RSocket channel adapter (#2928)
a56116f Fix package tangle in CacheRequestHandlerAdvice
36e7041 Add RSocketInboundGateway; refactoring (#2923)
4b58bf0 Fix AMQP module according latest Spring AMQP
06140cb SFTP: Add channelConnectTimeout
bcff9d4 Fix unused import
f04d6d9 Fix MessagingGatewaySupport implementors
bad9677 Add AnnotationMetadataAdapter
2a16fc5 AMQP: Exclude spring transitive dependencies
eb94532 Fix deprecation (PayloadArgumentResolver)
86c7e36 Sonar issues - complexity
90d2b30 Remove RSocketInboundGateway since it isn't ready
e2b6618 RSocketOutbound refinements; resolve deprecations
6d7bc1f Sonar: repeated literals
444cd1e Move SF dependencies to the latest BUILD-SNAPSHOT (#2921)
0d6faa2 Sonar - protected fields
37e49a2 More TCP test polishing
ebbcb9d Sonar fixes
9780a6c Use MergedAnnotations in MethodAnnPublisher (#2914)
532941c Increase TCP test thread pool size
19b9944 Sonar fixes
130e1bb Synchronize RemoteFileUtils.makeDirectories()
0bb901b Sonar fixes
4199ff5 Make RSocketOutboundGateway for server side
b069780 GH-2908: Publisher: synthesize anns for @AliasFor
36c33bb Sonar fixes
7569d0a Sonar complexity issues
8de53cc Polishing - PR comment
e977234 Fix new Sonar smells
ff958ae Convert Lambdas to Method References
ddff788 Fix Sonar complexity issues
e26c61d Add missed options into WebFluxMessageHandlerSpec (#2904)
c570bee Fix Sonar complexity issues
9072e92 Add @Nullable WebClient in WebFluxRequestExecMH
2ebbdde GH-2901: Add missed delegates into JmsInGateway (#2903)
89e11f2 Add initial support for RSockets (#2902)
f8f69c9 Support non-Object types for WebFlux requests
24304ef Fix Sonar smell around new GroovyClassLoader()
745524f Remove unused imports in the AbstractScriptParser
455cc9b Don't propagate null CL to GroovyScriptFactory
be86db5 Fix new Sonar smells for scripts
7dff1d5 Add support for Kotlin JSR223 scripts (#2898)
9cc0cbe Polishing for ImapMailReceiverTests

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