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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Jun 14, 2019 · 92 commits to master since this release

Change log:

1b5c588 Upgrade Spring Security to 5.2.0.M3
3ddc004 Fix RSocket adapters for routing metadata support
24b8e58 Upgrade to latest Lettuce Redis driver
144790e Upgrade Spring Framework, AMQP Versions
71fbe29 Add Docs for Flux Aggregator
2fb7554 Fix new tangle introduced by Control Bus changes
173eca2 Upgrade to Spring Data Moore RC1
0b3421c Upgrade rsocket to 0.12.2-RC4
70c799f Upgrade reactor milestones
1142caf Ignore JdbcLockRegLeaderInTests.testLostConnection
360c740 GH-2962: check the whole ctx hierarchy for nullChannel
d85d6ee INT-3073: Add FluxAggregatorMessageHandler
45fe5be GH-2956: Add MessageHandler.getMetricsCaptor()
78a0ec7 GH-2958: Also Add to Common Header in AMHEMS
1067f91 AMQP: Add bindSourceMessage property (inbound)
0addbe5 Increase wait timeout in the JdbcLockLeaderTests
1c88ba1 Polishing for nohttp plugin
703141b Reverse check/checkAsciidocLinks order
8c68255 Fix doc links; add checkAsciidocLinks to testAll
466daa8 TCP: Connect Timeout; Close Stream
cd07572 Fix new Sonar smells
5e7c1ae Add RSocket Java DSL
0c32a57 Fix Sonar smells for XML module
7e0a5e9 Build: asciidoc link check improvement
315f0e7 Fix Sonar vulnerabilities for varargs
1d08d3b Various Docs build fixes
2a50a26 Build: check external asciidoc links
374b4b7 GH-2880: Handle Pausable in Control Bus (#2940)
e9591c6 Make spring-ws-core optional for SI-xml
a9a2fcc Add @MongoDbAvailable to new test
34db267 GH-2936: Add custom converters for MongoDbMS
d2d09cd Upgrade Jackson
65c884c Enable nohttp Gradle plugin
9fa9d1b Add Multi-Page HTML Reference
d7fa609 Fix Broken Links in Reference
8ce16b9 Test for GH-2938
796a0c4 Fix TimeUnit in ChannelInputStream.close()
400f9e1 fixed misaligned source code snippet in JMS documentation
d713825 Get an OS-assigned port in RmiOutboundGatewayTests
6bcf71c Fix Sonar smell in the RSocketInboundGatewayParser
bc9aa83 RSocket XML Config support
87169bc HTTP Outobund: Call encode() for URIs
9f53b80 GH-2931: AMQP De-Batching as List<?> Payload
e05b6f7 Fix some typos in the whats-new.adoc & ip.adoc

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